3101, 2017

Visible Learning Institute

Visible Learning Institute
John Hattie & Ainsley Rose (Exclusively from Corwin and in partnership with the BCPVPA)

July 7 and 8 Richmond (Pacific Gateway Hotel)
US $449 (with the $50 BCPVPA discount code applied)

The Vancouver Visible Learningplus Institute is a two-day conference with John Hattie and Ainsley Rose. This institute introduces you to…read more

408, 2015

Leadership Opportunities

The BCPVPA also includes Leadership Opportunities in every issue of eNews

BCPVPA Professional Staff Vacancy
Manager, Legal and Contract Services
Application due by 5 pm, April 19
Download a pdf of the complete post: http://bit.ly/BCPVPAPosting0317

Greater Victoria invites applications for District Principal, Inclusive Learning. Apply by 12 pm, March 17. http://bit.ly/2lEbpsm

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408, 2015

40th Annual Short Course

July 4 to 8 at UBC

Leading Learning:
Open Mind, Open Heart

Gain the knowledge, understanding, and connections you need to enhance your school leadership journey.

Developed in partnership with UBC, Short Course is an intensive, one-week (44 scheduled contact hours) program designed to provide new school leaders with an opportunity…read more

408, 2015

Supervision for Learning

Supervision for Learning 2016-2017

Cohorts in  Nanaimo, Vancouver, Merritt, Fort St. John and Surrey

Supervision for Learning is the BCPVPA’s eight-month learning experience in which supervision for learning, school improvement, and professional development are the key outcomes. Based on a peer coaching model, there are five days of program development over the course of eight months and ongoing joint practice…read more

408, 2015

Creating Thinking Classrooms

Creating Thinking Classrooms: Leading educational change for a 21st century world
by Garfield Gini-Newman and Roland Case

This book is published by The Critical Thinking Consortium and co-sponsored by the BCPVPA.

For more information and and an order form visit our books page.

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