Professional Learning and Development at the BCPVPA involves myriad initiatives and objectives to build capacity and leadership for principals and vice-principals. The combined work of the BCPVPA staff, its Professional Development and Development representatives and committee members determine the most effective ways to deliver these initiatives.

A year end thank you.

The Professional Learning and Development Division thanks the many members who contributed to a successful year of learning and development with the BCPVPA. Your time, energy, and expertise benefits all levels of leadership in the province. We would also like to thank the schools who welcomed the visits and programs of BCPVPA. Together we endeavor to enrich the learning of principals and vice-principals. We are also excited to announce that planning is underway for the inaugural BCPVPA at UBC Okanagan Short Course II, (July 10 – 13, 2018). This institute will be designed for experienced principals and vice-principals (five+ years). Details will follow. Save the dates. 

PLD Representatives: Erin Hay, Stacy Decosse, Jill Jensen, Angela Scott, Mary-Ann Gaschnitz, Michael Hibberson, Michael Haworth, Teresa Berdusco, Leanne McKenzie, Moira M. Manthorne, Jordan Kleckner, Raelyn Larmet, Jamie Robinson, Harriet Darney, Donna Rodger, Dennis Hawkins-Bogle, Suzanne Bolin, Leslie Waddington, Kim Kass, Jeremy Lyndon, Kendra Simonetto, Sunny Deol, Jacquie Schierer, Huey Wong, Phil Cookson, Lisa Nasato, Wendell Hiltz, Shelley Parks, Lisa Lawrance, Adam Stanley, Bryn Williams, Dean Yeo, Jody Billingsley, Maureen Lee, Christa Rive, Jasmin Marshman, Theresa Verdiel, Ryan Massey, Sharon Beloin, Ian J. Keir, Leighann Rodger, Bob Chapman, Christine Franes, Suzanne Kobza, Scott M. Tremblay, Birdy Markert, Brenda Anderson, Burt Bergmann, Diana Lindstrom, Jennifer Sutherland, Charmaine Chretien, Todd Koponyas, Cindy Harte, Amanda Polson, Susan Tonnesen,  Shelley Hardcastle, Sue (McKenzie) Barber-Starkey, Kelda Logan, Heather Rose, Kevin Brand, John Cunnian, Tandy Gunn, Jane Reynolds, Maghen Girard, Darrin Olson, Lisa Scheck, Brenna Ewing, Louise Guevremont, Michael Johnson, Blair Lloyd, Patrice Barth, Debbie Ralston, Angela M. Condon, Rosalee Floyd, Dani Morrow, Rebecca K. Froese, Darlene Bragg-Hounsell, Valerie Edgell, Heather Goodall, Kelly Amodeo, Leah Robinson, Judith Friesen, Susan Forbrigger, Syndie Hebert, Lisa Nucich, Karen Coflin.

Advisory Committee (2016-2017): Brian Leonard, Wendell Hiltz, Carrie Froese, Heather Rose, Read Jorgensen, Dani Morrow

Short Course 1 Planning Committee: Bradley Baker, Brian Leonard, Norbert Kaspar, Robert Smyth

Facilitators for Short Course 2017: Marsha Arnold, Kevin Auclair, Kathleen Chad, Susan Clough, Phil Cookson, Darren Danyluk, Kevin Fadum, Bev Forster, Sid Jawanda, Kelly Johansen, Brett Johnson, Norbert Kaspar, Lisa Ketlo, Diana Lindstrom, Paul Marsden,

Cathie Mutter, Brian Nikula, Daniel Rude, Ronald Sherman, Robert Smyth, Janet Williams, Jesse Witte

Short Course 2 – Design committee: Mike Vulgaris, Kathleen Barber, Pamela Spooner, Heather Rose

Supervision for Learning Level 1/2 – Chapter Organizers: Jackie Kersey, Sunny Deol, Kevin Brand, John Cunnian, Christine Perkins, Todd Koponyas, Vicki Ives, Verena Gibbs, Dan Watt

Supervision for Learning Level 1/2 – Connectors: Heather Rose, Kim Jonat, Chris Horton, Michael Grace, Dani Morrow, Norbert Kasper, Pamela M. Craven, Suzette Dohm

Short Course 2 – Host Schools: Prince George: Ron Brent Elementary, Principal: Dan Watt, VP: Liza Arnold; Peden Hill Elementary, Principal: Sid Jawanda; Westwood Elementary, Principal: Steven Dalla Lana; Duchess Park Secondary, Principal: Lee Karpenko, VPs Stephanie Davies, Conrad Turner. Vernon: Kalamaka Secondary, Principal: Mike Grace, VP: Lynn Seed; Kidston Elementary, Principal: Debbie Cullum; Vernon Secondary, Principal: Don Balcombe, VP: Melissa Yurkowski; Ellison Elementary, Principal: Jacqueline Taylor

Supervision for Learning Level 2 – Five Dimension of Framework Rewrite Team: Sarah Husband, Kathleen Pantaleo, Kelda Logan, Mike Vulgaris, Phil Cookson, Ryan Massey

The 40th annual Short Course at UBC took place on July 4-8 and attracted a record number of participants. Our thanks to the organizing committee, facilitators, and all participants.

Watch this space and eNews for details about the 41st annual Short Course at UBC.

Leading a Culture of Learning – Level 1

  • an eight-month learning experience supporting leading learning through focused dialogue that is grounded in a clear vision – all to enhance a culture of learning in your school. The 5 day-long sessions offer an opportunity to build instructional leadership capacity through a peer coaching model with embedded practice and reflection. Sessions are generally held on a consecutive Friday and Saturday in the fall, winter and spring. On-going peer support occurs through triad conference calls held every two weeks and has proven to be a valuable portion of the learning experience.

2017/18 Dates


  • Friday, August 25/Saturday, August 26
  • Friday January 12/Saturday, January 13
  • Friday, May 4

Prince George:

  • Friday, September 15/Saturday, September 16
  • Monday, November 20
  • Friday, February 16
  • Monday, April 30


  • Friday, September 15/Saturday, September 16
  • Monday, November 20
  • Friday, February 16
  • Monday, April 30


  • Monday, September 25
  • Friday, October 27
  • Tuesday, January 16
  • Friday, March 9
  • Tuesday, May 8

Leading a Culture of Learning – Level 2

  • a five-day program over seven months that offers a practical extension to Level 1. The BC five Dimensions of Practice, a framework of common language of learning, is used as participants practice observing learning in classrooms and work with colleagues to develop curious questions that inspire learning for all. The first session introduces the 5D Framework and the subsequent four sessions are hosted in schools of the participants. During these four practical sessions, participants will have the opportunity to establish the dimension of focus that will guide several learning observations and then practice developing reflective questions in a supportive group setting. Triad teams will provide on-going peer support between the sessions as participants engage in their learning focused dialogues.

2017/18 dates


  • Sunday, November 5
  • Monday, November 6
  • Thursday, January 18
  • Thursday, March 1
  • Wednesday, April 25


  • Monday, October 30
  • Friday, November 24
  • Wednesday, January 24
  • Monday, March 5
  • Wednesday, May 2


The BCPVPA Aboriginal Advisory Committee: The BCPVPA Aboriginal Advisory Committee presented to professional learning representatives on a number of issues, including: