Professional Learning at the BCPVPA involves myriad initiatives and objectives to build capacity and leadership for principals and vice-principals. The combined work of the BCPVPA staff, its Professional Development representatives and committee members determine the most effective ways to deliver these initiatives. Recent programs include:

Short Course
July 4 to 8
at UBC

Leading Learning:
Open Mind, Open Heart

Gain the knowledge, understanding, and connections you need to enhance your school leadership journey.

Developed in partnership with UBC, Short Course is an intensive, one-week (44 scheduled contact hours) program designed to provide new school leaders with an opportunity to hone the skills necessary for success in their new roles.

Short Course has been a part of this province’s educational leadership development for 40 years. The course work contains a blend of research and practical application that creates an essential understanding of what principals and vice-principals need to know and how to accomplish it.

Each year experienced principals and superintendents work together to plan Short Course, deliver the sessions, and facilitate the small group learning. Participants are immersed in the realities of school administration and given the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in their new roles. Throughout the week participants have daily opportunity to reflect on their learning and set action plans for the year ahead.

The program is based on the Leadership Standards for Principals & Vice-Principals in British Columbia. Each day of the program focuses on one of the four Domains of the Standards (Moral Stewardship, Relational Leadership, Instructional Leadership, and Organizational Leadership). The concluding session, on Saturday, revolves around our BC education partners.

Moral Stewardship • Instructional Leadership • Relational Leadership
Organizational Leadership • Inspiration to Lead


Super Vision for Learning Level 1
2017/18 cohorts in Nelson, Kelowna and two (TBA) in Metro

The BCPVPA’s eight-month learning experience in which supervision for learning, school improvement, and professional development are the key outcomes. Based on a peer coaching model, there are five days of program development over the course of eight months and ongoing joint practice development with colleagues.


Super Vision For Learning Level 2
2017/18 Cohorts in Comox, Penticton, Vancouver

Learning Walks with an Instructional Framework: Principals and vice-principals who have completed Level I of the BCPVPA Super Vision for Learning program will deepen their knowledge of effective instructional practices and use various tools and processes for observing and analyzing instruction and planning next steps based on the analysis.


The BCPVPA Aboriginal Advisory Committee: The BCPVPA Aboriginal Advisory Committee presented to professional learning representatives on a number of issues, including: