Podcast interview with John Tyler

This week, I sat down with New Westminster Secondary Principal John Tyler. John is a member of the BCPVPA Technology Committee, has been instrumental in launching the recent professional learning webinar series and is the author of the recently released book, Networked Youth: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Online Behaviour.  In this episode John and Kevin talk about…read more

Outside the comfort zone

With the encouragement and support of my daughter I recently joined a CrossFit gym as she had done the same. In addition, fellow Board member Darren Danyluk took up CrossFit a few years ago and he has been my role model as I continually bother him with questions and ask him to share his stories of how he…read more

Podcast interview with Woody Bradford

In this blog post I share the first BCPVPA Podcast, a conversation I had with Woody Bradford, BCPVPA, Manager, Professional Learning and, effective July, Assistant Superintendent, Langley School District.



Curriculum Re-design

Center for Curriculum RedesignSchool leaders in BC and beyond are facing the challenges of adequately preparing students to be successful in a rapidly changing world. For several decades, the most prevalent term used to describe the future-ready shift needed in schools has been 21st Century Learning. Personally, I have an issue with…read more

The discipline and tenacity of creativity

As this blog continues to develop I hope that it provides an opportunity for us to do some sharing. As I travel and visit as many districts as I can during the course of my term, I hope that my posts will help you to better understand the successes and challenges, both common and unique, faced by your…read more

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