The B.C. Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association (BCPVPA) is a voluntary professional association representing school leaders employed as principals and vice-principals in BC’s public education system. The BCPVPA provides its members with the professional services and supports they need to provide exemplary leadership in public education.

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The BCPVPA is proud to have more than 2500 Members in the province’s 60 school districts. All school districts in the province have a local principal and vice-principal association recognized as a Chapter of the BCPVPA.

BCPVPA membership is open to any principal, vice-principal or director of instruction at the school or district level.

The BCPVPA has developed and presented programs to meet the professional needs of B.C.’s educational leaders and has been an effective advocate for public education.

  • The BCPVPA works in a respectful, consistent and determined way, in co-operation with our education partners, to influence government education policies.
  • We engage our members in the development of our positions and the advice we give.
  • We communicate effectively with members.
  • We tell our stories to describe the critical nature of our roles and the challenges we face.
  • We share these with the government, partner groups, community leaders and the media.
  • We advocate for our members and for public education with the conviction that the BCPVPA is a respected and credible voice in education in the province.
  • We involve principals and vice-principals in the development of public education policy.


The BCPVPA was, for many years, a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) of the BCTF. In January, 1988 the BCPVPA became an autonomous professional association dedicated to helping principals and vice-principals provide “quality leadership in education.”

The history of the Association has been marked by significant challenges and achievements — from recovering a fair share of the assets paid into the BCTF by principals and vice-principals (The Claim for Assets: 1988-1995) to ensuring that principals and vice-principals have satisfactory employment contracts.

Past Presidents as a Provincial Specialist Association

Tom Chalmers, (1959-1960)
Adam Robertson, (1960-1961) deceased
Jake Longmore, (1961-1962)
Al Stables, (1962-1963)
Cam McKenzie, (1963-1964), deceased
Roy Temple, (1964-1965), deceased
Chuck Withers, (1965-1966)
Jim Halcrow, (1966-1967), deceased
Charlie Hopper, (1967-1968)
Tony Embleton, (1968-1969)
Gordon Frew, (1969-1970) deceased
Dave Grant, (1970-1971)
Donald Smith, (1971-1972)
Greg Dixon, (1972-1973)
Dick Hesketh, (1973-1974)
Bill Melville, (1974-1975)
Lach Farrell, (1975-1976)
Bob Johnstone, (1976-1977)
Lach Farrell, (1977)
Norma Mercer, (1977-1978)
Robert Wilson, (1978-1979)
Norm Ornes, (1979-1980) deceased
Hank Stefaniuk, (1980-1981)
Gordon Moffat, (1981-1983)
Ken McAteer, (1983-1984)
Gerry Powlik, (1984-1985)
Joyce Anderson (1985-1986)
Dean Paravantes, (1986-1987)

BCPVPA Past Presidents

Dean Paravantes, (1987-1988)
George Buckley, (1988-1990)
Stanley French, (1990-1992) deceased
Nick Parker-Jervis, (1992-1994)
Gord Wallington, (1994-1996)
Bob Mang, (1996-1998)
John Rizzuti, (1998-2000)
Stu Dale, (2000-2002)
Bob Lindsay, (2002-2004)
Tom Hierck, (2004-2006)
Les Dukowski, (2006-2008)
Marilyn Merler, (2008-2010)
Jameel Aziz, (2010-2012)
Shelley Green (2012-2014)
Gordon Li (2014-2016)
Kevin Reimer (2016-2018)

Other BCPVPA Lifetime Members

Denny Grisdale
Jurd Kirby
Frank Roemer