ADMinsight is a series of helpful facts and research-based understandings to better support the educational leadership of BC’s public school principals and vice-principals. The series is intended to provide clarification on issues of importance to school leaders.

Each ADMinsight issue draws from current research and information from the rapidly changing world of public education. Based on a question posed by school leaders, each ADMinsight issue attempts to provide a cohesive, research based response to that question. ADMinsight is a two-page document that provides concise, up-to-date information about issues of importance to school leaders. We encourage you as school leaders to read and share this information as you see fit. Feel free to take information from ADMinsight articles to share with your parent community or your staff members.

ADMinsight issues are living documents that are intended to be updated as the research in the quickly changing landscape of public education shifts and changes. We encourage you to connect with us to provide suggestions for articles of interest to your colleagues as ADMinsight continues to grow and evolve.

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