Home is where the heart is.  So it’s important that the company helping you protect it cares about helping you. Johnson offers home insurance that comes with great features – ones that mean your insurance can help you in every way.

Your home insurance through Johnson comes with:

  • AIR MILES® – Earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $20 in premium paid, including taxes
  • Access to 24/7 Claims service* – If you’ve got a claim, we’re here to help – all day, every day
  • 50+ Plan – If you or your spouse is 50 or over, you may also qualify for extra services: morale assistance nursing, companion, housekeeping services after a hospital stay, plus a home repair/maintenance referral service
  • New Enhanced Water Coverage option
  • Identity theft – You’ll have up to $30,000 in coverage to sort out an identity theft. You can use it for financial support while you get your credit and banking sorted out (even replacing wages if you miss work) or to cover legal fees or expenses, right down to postage or long-distance calls.
  • ID Restore – The mess left behind by identity theft can be overwhelming and stressful. ID Restore provides restoration services and online access to help. They’ll help you protect yourself from identity theft too

Johnson Inc. Home Insurance


Critical illness insurance (A Critical Illness Survivor Plan) provides you with a living benefit. It?s money you can use right away so that you don?t have to dip into your retirement or savings fund. It?s money that will allow you to use your disability insurance to cover your regular financial obligations instead of accumulating debt. It?s money you can use without restriction because only you will know what your health and lifestyle needs require. Coverage through Johnson Inc.)
Being insured with MEDOC® emergency annual travel insurance may save you time and money, even if you’re only on the road once a year. Multi-trip, year-round protection provides coverage for any number of trips out-of-province or abroad.

Comprehensive: Some people say that travelling is more stressful than the planning. Fortunately, MEDOC® travel insurance provides coverage for the unexpected along the way, such as emergency medical expenses that may not be covered by your government health insurance plan. Johnson provides access to travel insurance that includes trip cancellation, interruption, and delay.

Emergency Assistance:  A multi-lingual Claims Assistance Centre can help you anywhere in the world. They’ll direct you to the nearest medical provider, so you can get the care you need…and fast.

Medoc – Travel Health Insurance