Join the BCPVPA Book Club

There is so much educational literature to read!

While diving into a book can be interesting and valuable, it can be difficult to both read and to reflect on your readings.

Book Clubs are an opportunity to gather with others and not only share ideas about a specific book but get to know one another, challenge your own and others’ thinking, find common ground and learn new perspectives.

Join the PLD Advisory Committee
for an on-line discussion about different aspects of our inaugural BCPVPA Book Club selection, Nuance by Michael Fullan

Third Wednesday of each month
7:30am – 8:30am
Wednesday September 18
Wednesday October 16
Wednesday November 20
Wednesday December 18

Find the monthly link in your copy of eNews

Meeting #1: Wednesday September 18, 2019

Please join us by 7:20 am so that we are ready to begin at 7:30 am!
The link is in the September 13 issue of BCPVPA eNews.

While each chat room will set the course of their own discussion, these are the central themes we are considering:

Where in your current context do you find nuance in yourself and others?

 What are strategies you have used or seen that have moved people to action?

 What are examples of connections between the BCPVPA Leadership Standards and Nuanced Leadership?
How do they play out in your own practice?

You can chime in on Twitter, either during or after the session:
#NuanceChat and tag @bcpvpa

We’ll be continuing the dialogue during the month!