BCPVPA 2020 Connecting Leaders Conference
Changing Nature of Leadership

October 22 – 23, 2020

Connecting Leaders is the BCPVPA’s annual conference held around the provincial non-instructional day in October. For the first time, in accordance with public health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Connecting Leaders Conference will be an exciting virtual experience.

In these uncertain times, it is important for leaders to connect, engage and learn with each other, even though we may be physically apart! You and your district colleagues are invited to share the experience of the virtual Connecting Leaders Conference: Changing the Nature of Leadership on Oct 22nd and 23rd.  Hosted by the Northern Region Chapters, this virtual conference will be full of opportunities to socialize with other leaders from around the province, engage in interactive workshops with renowned keynote speakers and win some awesome prizes! There’s something for everyone as we explore the Changing Nature of Leadership. Take a minute to register so you don’t miss out!


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Listen to our 2020 keynote speakers share a few words:

Richard Gerver

Carla Rieger

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Regular Rate with Swag Bag         $275.00 plus GST       ends October 1, 2020
Regular Rate without Swag Bag    $275.00 plus GST       ends October 16, 2020


CL 2020 General – FAQ’s

Swag Bags will be provided for the first 400 participants who register prior to October 1, 2020. Based on the geographic location of participants, Swag Bags will be shipped to various central locations for as many participants as possible. These locations may be school board offices, or the school of a local PLD Rep. Swag Bags will be shipped directly to any Conference participants who are located at a considerable distance from a central delivery location.

We are working with the virtual events company, Encore, and will be using Chime and Zoom platforms. Chime will be used for access to the Conference ‘mainstage’ including Keynotes. Independent Zoom links will be used for Workshops. Details of all links will be provided to participants in advance of the Conference.

Yes. Presentations will be posted on Chime at the end of each session.

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Thank you to our 2020 PLATINUM partner
for a decade of support


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Thank you to our 2020 EXHIBITOR partner


CL 2020 Hub Participation

Connecting Leaders 2020 is the first virtual provincial conference presented by the BCPVPA and we welcome you!

The Operational Committee for the 2020 Connecting Leaders Conference is the Prince George Chapter in BC’s Northern region. While we cannot all gather this year, we are excited to experience with our members and friends the flavour of the North at this year’s conference. With the shift to a virtual space, participants can enjoy the Conference remotely as an individual, or with a ‘HUB’ – a local socially-distanced group. With a HUB group, participants can view the Keynote presentations together on a main screen, while using their individual devices to participate in the Workshops. Some Chapters will be providing food for those who gather for the Conference, and will be planning creative ways to socialize, all with health and safety as the priority.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions – these will be updated as more information is available by amorie@bcpvpa.bc.ca

CL 2020 HUB Participation – FAQ’s

No:  HUBs are organized by individual conference participants. Some Chapters are organizing one or more central locations based on the geographical location of members; some small groups of participants are gathering in specific locations of their choosing; and many participants are signing into the Conference independently. Each person who is attending a HUB needs to register as an individual.

No: CL2020 is a virtual Conference that individuals can access from any device from their home or office, or from any location with Wi-Fi.

CL2020 is designed so that individual participants will have virtual capacity to connect with others through Workshops, polls, chats, and online social activities.

There are various formats of HUBs.  Some Chapters are meeting in a school so that they can gather at a main screen for the Keynote presentations, and use classroom screens for the various Workshop sessions.  Others are gathering for the Keynote presentations on a large screen and then asking individuals to bring their own devices to access the independent Workshop links.

Some HUBs are gathering for coffee before the morning session, having breaks and lunch together throughout the day and then a social get-together at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, no.  There has never been travel support provided by the BCPVPA Connecting Leaders Conferences. Some members may have access to Chapter or district support, and some may use personal Pro-D funds.

Not directly, no.  The cost of the Conference is considerably lower as food costs do not apply this year.  As well, our Platinum Partner Save-On-Foods, who has supported conference lunches in the past, has kindly donated $10 gift cards in the Swag Bags. In this way, all participants who are among the first 400 to register for the Conference and receive a Swag Bag will enjoy some refreshment support.

Some HUBs are collecting the gift cards and aggregating them to provide lunches for HUB participants, and some Chapters are providing refreshments for HUB social gatherings. These are decisions made independently by each Chapter.