Members of the BCPVPA contract and legal team provide prompt daily interactions with members on challenging circumstances from the field, liaise with senior management of school districts in collaborative problem-solving initiatives, recommend strategic approaches around local contract negotiations and deliver educational workshops in the contract and legal domain. Member support is also provided for those who experience complaints or investigations, including those external to a school district. Additional areas of support are described here.

The Contract Advisory Committee both advises the Board of Directors and serves as a network to inform and Chapter leaders in contractual matters. An annual Contract Seminar is held to build knowledge and capacity for chapter leaders who negotiate on behalf of the membership. Our professional staff deliver workshops in Chapters and present at the annual Short Course. Staff present workshops to bolster member’s skills in areas of contract and legal issues.

Workshops available include:

  • Negotiating Skills & Strategies: The major elements of a successful negotiation in one’s day-to-day dealings with the school and community, based on Harvard’s Getting to Yes model.
  • Legal Issues: Charter of Rights issues, School Act, searches, field trips, harassment as well as current issues in the district.
  • Contracts: Become more familiar with personal services contracts. This can be general or Chapter specific.