May 22, 2020 Message to Members

Contemplating Leadership

We have all made significant adjustments to our ‘normal’ lives since March, both personally and professionally. While I’ve heard a lot of commentators talk about the ‘new normal’, none of us yet have a sense of what the ‘new normal’ might be. In BC, the path ahead is looking clearer, there are fewer overhanging branches to dodge, and we can see a bit more sky. We have had the benefit of focused and informed leadership to guide us along this strange and shifting journey, and it reinforces for me just how important a good leader can be.

Part of our role as an Association is to offer professional development opportunities, and to ensure that our members, as leaders, have the tools and training that they need to be successful. For more than 40 years, we have offered a significant foundation in leadership through Short Course I, a pivotal and immersive experience for many new leaders where the curtain is drawn back, information flows and lasting relationships are formed. This year, we are unable to offer Short Course I & II, but we recognized that our new leaders – those who will be moving from teaching to either a Vice-Principal or Principal role in September – still need our support to get their bearings and embark on the new challenge. On May 20, we opened registration for a new online offering, Essentials for New School Leaders to be held July 6-9. This is not a replacement for Short Course, but rather a critical touchpoint that will introduce new leaders to the Leadership Standards, and provide context to the essentials of the work. I encourage you, as established leaders, to share this opportunity with your colleagues who will be transitioning to a new role in the coming school year.

And one last thought (for today!) on leadership: good and effective leadership is truly a pillar that supports the efficacy of everything that we do, and that is true of our Association as well. From May 26 – 28, we will hold our annual member vote for new or returning Directors to join our Board, and it’s so important that we hear from all of our members via their vote. Your Board sets the direction of the Association, and helps support our members: your vote is your voice in how we continue down this path.

Take Care, Be Well