May 29, 2020 Message to Members

The Power of Connection

While we frequently soldier through tasks and projects without support, the reality is that most things are just a little bit better, a little bit more solid, and little bit more thoughtful when we have a team alongside us. We have seen that in the formulation and operation of remote learning, as a preliminary vision is tweaked and enhanced with a new component added here and modification made there.

As a sector, we have truly been #InItTogether as our BCPVPA members, the Ministry of Education, Boards, teachers, education assistants, support staff, parents, caregivers, families and – of course – the students themselves, have participated in building something remarkable to ensure that there is a continuity of learning, and that our schools are a safe place to be for the staff and students on site.

I am grateful for the focus and determination of everyone in the sector: without those cohesive relationships, our experience over the past months – and our experience ahead – would be very different. This week, we also recognized the power of community partnerships through our 2020 BCPVPA Partnership Awards. Our Chapters understand the importance of those intricate community connections and their ultimate impact on students and schools: we appreciate all of our community partners who so generously mobilize their special skills, their ideas and their networks in support of BC children and youth.

The other powerful connection that I’ll recognize this week is the one that we build each year within our organization, through our members’ collective voice in selecting their colleagues to join our Board of Directors. My congratulations go out to the members who were elected this week, and my thanks extend to everyone who ran as a candidate in this election. Your Board represents you as a member, and that is an important link. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the Board members with questions, concerns or ideas because that flow of communications makes us stronger, especially during times when connection is more important than ever.

I know that you will all have a full week ahead of you, and I hope you will reach out to a friend, a colleague or our staff if there is any way that we can support you.

Take Care,