June 7, 2019 Message to Members


As the June days roll along, we start to transition our thinking from coordinating year-end activities and checklists and look farther down the road to tweaking the systems that we hope will ease our Fall 2019 start-up. A huge component of this process is interaction with our many professional cohorts: have you given thought to different ways that you can seek feedback, share resources and connect with colleagues?

Your BCPVPA membership provides you with access to a powerful networking platform that supports the diverse needs of new-to-the-role leaders, veteran educators and everyone in between. More than 1800 of our members are part of BetterEducate, some engaging daily and others still dipping their toes in the water. One of the great things about this platform is that you can manage your participation, and when you’re ready to learn more you can take that next step.

The platform is perfect for sharing resources like Worksafe BC information, emergency preparedness documents and start-up checklists, information that can help newer colleagues to build their capacity, connect with new colleagues and strengthen our sense of community.

BetterEducate can also play a role in your staff meetings, or Chapter gatherings. At recent BCPVPA events, some of you have experienced the power of using one of the newer features, a BackBEat Channel. This tool is a quick, effective and visual way to seek community or staff feedback, to gauge perspectives and to determine needs. Themes in the responses develop naturally as responses are entered, through a colourful burgeoning word cloud tagged with direct links to relevant resources.

Using a feature such as the BackBEat Channel is a conversation-starter in more ways than one. In responding to a question or contributing to a discussion, colleagues experience an immediacy of thoughts and opinions even amongst teams that are geographically separated, and you as the leader can gain an understanding of your key issues with the opportunity to bounce ideas and follow-up in real time.

You’ve heard me say it before – and this may be the last time for this school year, but certainly not the ‘last time’; dive in, and embrace the technology that will smooth your path, inform your practice and ultimately provide you with a deeper and richer connection to your colleagues and your teams. It’s literally right at your finger tips.

Take Care,