October 12, 2018 Message to Members

The Board of Directors

A quick Google search or a casual “hey, Siri” – “hey, Alexa” will reveal a common list of the responsibilities of a Board of Directors:

  1. Set the Organization’s Mission and Purpose
  2. Support the Executive Director and Staff 
  3. Ensure Effective Organizational Planning
  4. Approve the Budget
  5. Enhance the Organization’s Public Image

Your BCPVPA Board of Directors has similar responsibilities in supporting the association. When the Board meets October 12-13, those responsibilities will be woven into our conversations and decision-making over those two days. Your Board understands the work of principals and vice-principals because they walk in your shoes every day. They each bring to the role valuable and diverse perspectives that reflect their home communities, their personal experiences in the K-12 system, and a singular passion for innovative education.

The Board recognizes that their decisions can have a deep and lasting impact. Our decisions are guided by the BCPVPA Strategic Plan, and the four governing goals:

  1. Achieve contract provisions and total compensation that reflect the skills, responsibilities, and needs of principals and vice-principals 
  2. Support principals and vice-principals in building their leadership capacity 
  3. Support the efficacy of school leadership provided by principals and vice-principals 
  4. Strengthen the engagement of members with the Association and each other 

As we work through our agenda over the next two days, these four goals will frame our discussions and decisions. We will seek expertise to enhance our knowledge and we will share the regional stories of our members. We will find moments to laugh and reflect and, throughout our time together, the complex and changing needs of our students will always come first at the Board table.

Take Care,