November 30, 2018 Message to Members

Chapter Council

Earlier this week, you received our brief on the November 23-24 President’s Meeting, Chapter Council and AGM. The sessions were informative, and we introduced a lot of content that reps will bring back to your local meetings. I’m eager to hear from you if you have any questions!

One feature of the sessions that we can’t reproduce in a report was the experience of real-time feedback that we introduced. Some of you know that I’m a lover of tech, and we decided to elevate the traditional table-talk and flip-chart documentation to a new level. We used for quick in-room polls where we could all track the emerging responses, and a new back-channel of Better Educate – BackBEat Channel – where Directors could moderate table-talk discussions and instantly share commentary from the table groups.

What these platforms brought to our discussions was an immediacy and sharing that was effective: we were able to identify common questions quickly and provide answers. With the pace and complexity of the work we do every day in our schools, we may sometimes feel like we’re not coming together as easily as we should in our team meetings. Introducing this kind of interactivity can help teams to hone in on the pressure points and key issues in a nimble and direct way. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by technology but remember that you’re the one in control. Think about the technological supports that are available to you, and how you could use them to achieve specific goals that will enhance your connectivity with your students and your teams.

Take Care,