November 23, 2018 Message to Members

Coming Together

I feel fortunate for those occasions in the calendar where we move outward from our regular circles and can share time and conversations with members from around the province.

From November 22 – 24, our BCPVPA Board, Chapter Presidents and Chapter Councils will come together. As a Board, we look at the big picture of the association as defined by the Strategic Plan and its goals. The direction that we formulate together, and the actions that result, are longer-term processes that have significant implications for the association. Our collective examination of issues is critical, as are the different voices and perspectives that are represented on our Board.

As Presidents, we have few opportunities to come together, but it’s an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the wisdom in the room. At the President’s Meeting, common challenges can be recognized and shared, and there is space for solutions and positive strategies to emerge.

As Chapter Representatives, our members have the chance to gather and talk about their stories and successes, and to get vital feedback from their peers in other districts. This sharing of information, strategies and ideas helps to strengthen our processes and supports our people in their roles.

At the upcoming Chapter Council meeting, we will also take the time to thank and acknowledge our outgoing Directors: Read Jorgensen (Greater Victoria), Carol-Ann Leidloff (Kootenay Lake) and Kevin Reimer (Comox Valley). Directors dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to advocating for our members, and we are extremely grateful for the contributions of these three leaders.

This week’s meeting is our opportunity to view the BCPVPA and its work through a provincial lens: the unique voice of each region is represented and gives us insight into the needs of students, staff and communities as we support our members in leading familiar processes and exploring the implementation of new initiatives.

I look forward to sharing some highlights with you next week.

Take Care,