November 2, 2018 Message to Members

New Beginnings

I was fortunate to be part of an historic occasion last week, the birth of a new association with goals much like our own. The Public School Administrator’s Association of Nova Scotia (PSAANS) invited myself and our long-time Manager of Finance Carol Powell to join them for their inaugural conference and AGM, along with Allyson Otten and Joanne Robinson of the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC), Carol Campbell of The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, TedEx speaker and founder of Peace by Chocolate Tareq Hadhad

The event took place at Pier 21 in Halifax and — by chance — led me to discover my own connection to that place: after WWII my father and his family embarked on an arduous journey from northern Italy, arriving in Halifax at Pier 21 to start a new life  in Canada.

My family story gave me context that while a new beginning is a time for celebration, it is also a time of change that can present many challenges. Our colleagues in Nova Scotia have ‘landed’ on this new shore but now they are looking up at the hill ahead, uncertain of what may lie on the other side. We could sense their apprehension and their anticipation, those emotions that can be difficult to reconcile when so much is unknown.

Carol and I, along with Allyson and Joanne, were there to share the stories of the BCPVPA and the OPC. Both Carol and Joanne carry a vast institutional knowledge of our associations, each of which celebrate landmark anniversaries in 2018: 20 years for OPC and 30 years for BCPVPA. It was remarkable to have our three organizations together in one place with a focus on discussing new beginnings and the paths that we have followed, and to recognize that changes not chosen can take us out of our comfort zones, but that the results can be extraordinary.

The BCPVPA looks forward to growing our new relationship with PSAANS, and I invite you to follow their association on Twitter @PSAANS, to say hello or to send them a message of support.

Take Care,