October 19, 2018 Message to Members

Connecting Leaders

The Connecting Leaders conference this weekend is an opportunity for our colleagues to share and learn, to reconnect with peers and make new connections. The impetus behind Connecting Leaders is for participants to bring ideas, energy and inspiration back to their schools, and we look forward to seeing how that excitement is shared.

Each Connecting Leaders conference has a topical theme: this year’s theme is Changing Tides: Charting Our Course Together. I think we can all attest to the flow of change that we’ve experienced in recent years, and the increasing complexity of our roles. As the needs of our schools and the system require an enhanced skill set from school leaders, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. The idea of working together to navigate change resonates, and through opportunities like Connecting Leaders we want to give our members the tools, resources and training that you need to be successful. We want you to know that there’s a community of peers who are ready to support you, and somewhere that you can turn for help.

Branching off from the theme of this conference are five points of focus: inclusion, resilience, change, leadership and wellness. I want to remind you of your immense capacity in all of these areas. Principals and vice-principals are on the leading edge in championing inclusion and making sure that everyone is welcome in BC schools. We model resilience as we move through the hundreds of demands on our daily path. We engage change, we learn from it and we anticipate it in our leadership journey. We have a heightened awareness of wellness in our schools, and we are becoming better at recognizing our own needs and challenges.

I encourage you to think about your current navigation of change and what might emerge if you applied a different perspective or drew upon the support of a peer. For one day, recognize change as your ally and not your adversary: invite change to the table, and see what happens.

I hope that our conference attendees enjoy their experience of learning and sharing, and that everyone has a great weekend.

Take Care,