May 1, 2020 Message to Members


In the past 18-20 months, I have written regularly about the importance of social emotional learning (SEL), self-care and maintaining an ongoing awareness of our needs as leaders in our complex and nuanced roles. In our current reality where we are in a time of crisis and find ourselves confronting the unknown every day, our capacity to sustain ourselves and our school communities is more challenging than ever. Our ability to sustain kindness, empathy and compassion for others is connected to our own self-awareness.

 … a dysregulated leader cannot effectively
co-regulate and lead their community.
So, what can we do to first attend to ourselves?
~Miriam Miller

I recently reached out to my friend and SEL mentor, Miriam Miller, and asked her to recommend some simple self-care reminders and strategies for incredibly busy people who are leading change in a time of crisis. During our discussion, she acknowledged that there are personal actions we can take to ‘shore up’ our reserves and – most importantly – to be pro-active, even in our busy leadership roles. Miriam has shared with us three reminders for (S.E.L)F CARE in her article at this link. It is a quick and impactful read.

I hope that you can take a few minutes to catch your breath, grab a cup of coffee or tea and invest some time in your own (S.E.L)F CARE.

Take Care,