April 17, 2020 Message to Members

Thank You

We all say it, every day. To a colleague, for their support, to a student, for their energy, to someone in the community for lending a hand. But the words have taken on an even deeper meaning, and I feel we’ve never meant it as much and as clearly as we mean it now. So, I’d like to say thank you first to the Essential Service Workers (ESW) and the frontline health care teams for the work that they are doing every day. We can all agree, we would be lost without them.

I’d like to provide a special acknowledgement of the employees and business owners who are serving the public in these very challenging times. Like me, perhaps you’ve recognized past and present students there checking us through the till, their gloved hands wiping down the counters and carts, placing our groceries in bags with a masked smile and a “how is your day?” greeting.

I’d like to recognize the important role of Principals and Vice-Principals in preparing, coordinating and ensuring communications about the newly-developed daycare facilities that have bloomed in many of your schools, and which will provide critical support to ESW families.

And for all of our members who are there in schools, thank you for your diligence and your focus, for ensuring the safety of support staff and teachers who are interacting daily with parents and children. A huge shout-out to our teachers and CUPE colleagues for their flexibility and calm in supporting the system in these rapidly changing times. The hashtag #InItTogether is living and breathing in the hearts of BC’s educators as they support students and their families.

I’m thinking of you all each evening at 7:00pm as I gather with my own family and happily dent our pots and pans as we create a level of noise that can be heard right across the province.


Take Care,