June 14, 2019 Message to Members

Upcoming Director Election

As the June days roll along, we start to transition our thinking from coordinating year-end activities and checklists and look farther down the road to tweaking the systems that we hope will ease

Last week, BCPVPA members voted for the Association’s President-Elect. Congratulations again to Darren Danyluk (SD6, Rocky Mountain), who will serve as our President-Elect for the next year, as I complete my second term as President.  I look forward to supporting Darren over this coming year as he prepares to transition into the role of President when my term ends on June 30, 2020.

Although Darren has served as a Director on the Board, for his year ahead as President-Elect he will dive even more deeply into both the work of the Association and the BC education sector. And, once he moves into the role of President in July 2020, he will be as fortunate as I have been in receiving the support and commitment of an excellent Board of Directors.

The BCPVPA Directors serve terms that overlap, so that there is always a consistency of experience and knowledge on the Board. Six of the current Directors have one year remaining in their terms, and from June 18-20, members will vote for five Directors who will start their two-year terms on July 1. Seven candidates have put their names forward for consideration, and you can read the Candidate Statements to find out more about each candidate’s experience and priorities. Your Directors help to guide the direction of the BCPVPA, and they mindfully represent the diversity of the membership. They serve on committees, are part of professional development initiatives and work together to serve the needs and interests of the members in countless ways.

I am familiar with all of the candidates, and that’s why I can say that both myself and Darren who will follow as the next President will be able to continue the Association’s work with the support of a welcoming, congenial and committed Board of Directors. You, as members, get to decide which of the seven candidates will best represent you when you fill out your ballot next week. You can vote for up to five candidates. I hope you’ll take the time to read their Candidate Statements, to think about the BCPVPA’s road ahead and to cast your vote June 18-20.

Take Care,