February 7, 2020 Message to Members

Groundhog Day

We just passed Groundhog Day, that odd North American celebration where a large friendly rodent holds court on the coming of Spring. Apparently, the tradition originated in German-speaking areas, and the original soothsayer was a badger. This year, Shubenacadie Sam of Nova Scotia retreated for six more weeks of winter snoozing, while Wiarton Willie of Ontario gave claws-up for an early Spring. In either case, I have to say that even with an extra day in February this year, Spring seems to be approaching with a determined pace. Not that I want to channel Bill Murray, but sometimes I’d like a do-over!

With the Professional Learning Development (PLD) meetings this weekend, I want to again extend my appreciation to colleagues who are also feeling the days rush by, but still take the time to reflect on their learning leadership, and to actively enhance their capacity to serve their colleagues more deeply and efficiently. Since the last PLD meeting in October, more than 250 School Plans have been created in BetterEducate, using the new module with the invaluable support of Chapter PLD reps and the BetterEducate Support Team (BEST). Many of the School Plans use the Spirals of Inquiry template, and we are so grateful for the support and guidance of our partners and mentors, Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser.

In the same timeframe, more than 900 new Growth Plans have been created in the BetterEducate platform, and thousands of artifacts and evidence have been embedded into our members’ rich and engaging Growth Plans across BC. The most powerful aspect of these two approaches to professional growth planning is the connection that is made between colleagues, both familiar and new. The expertise and wisdom drawn from the collective experiences of our members and partners is unparalleled, a treasure trove that is now both accessible and relatable.

The best part of using the online tool is that when I wake up tomorrow, see Bill Murray in the mirror and feel like I’m stuck on repeat, I can take a quick look at my Growth Plan and ground myself to the path behind and my journey ahead. Creating your own Growth Plan is definitely time well spent.

Take Care,