March 6, 2020 Message to Members

International Women’s Day

One of the great events that BCPVPA has launched in the past few years is our Leading the Way: Women in Leadership luncheon. It’s in mid-September, at a time when our members are back in their schools and just past those first few weeks of wonderful organized chaos. It’s an electric event, with the continual hum and occasional spark or surge of conversation and laughter.

It’s definitely an event where members can connect and reconnect in a space and time organized just for that purpose. The words of the keynote speakers – along with the table, hallway and terrace conversations – center around themes of women in leadership through authentic and captivating storytelling. There is more laughter than you can fit in a room, and occasionally the kind of tears that signal shared experience.

Why am I talking about an event so far in the past, and so far in the future? As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8, I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the substantial work of our BCPVPA members who are women, and of the many women who have become icons and pundits both in our BC education sector and worldwide. According to our 2019 member survey, more than 59% of our BCPVPA members are women, and more and more of our new members are women in Vice-Principal roles who are traveling along their career paths and contributing to the system with their innovation and passion for the work. I mention the Leading the Way event in part with a sense of awe for an event that is so charged with connection, and in part to let our new members know that there are opportunities such as this where you can meet and connect with other members from around the province, whether it’s through your Chapter, a BCPVPA Committee, a workshop or a conference.

This International Women’s Day, on behalf of the Association, I want to acknowledge the women in our lives who are leading schools as District and school-based Principals and Vice-Principals, sharing their experience, creativity and innovative spirit, and always bringing balance, passion and humour to their work. #IWD2020

Take Care,