February 22, 2019 Message to Members

Issues Forum

Today I feel fortunate to set my sights on learning and connection. While it’s true that we learn and connect each day, a few hours of focused learning alongside your colleagues is truly something special.

For many years, the BCPVPA’s Issues Forum has been an annual opportunity for the Association to gather and present just some of the topics at the forefront of our members’ awareness. It won’t come as a surprise that our keynote speaker Alan Mallory will address mental wellness as one of the greatest challenges that we face: his presentation “Controlling Our External and Internal Focus & Improving Mental Health” will close out a day when our attendees have discussed and learned about youth substance abuse; suicidal behaviours in schools; challenges and opportunities in Indigenous education; focus schools; school growth plans; the graduation program; and the legal side of leadership.

The days of one-sided information delivery are thankfully behind us, and the interactive sessions at Issues Forum will invite dialogue, questions and connection. While we expand our knowledge and awareness, we’ll get to catch up with old friends and meet new colleagues. The shared learning is a catalyst for connection.

We hope to cascade the Issues Forum topics to a platform that will be accessible to all interested members by hosting webinars on these issues and other emerging areas of interest in the Spring or Fall of this year. If there is a potential webinar topic that would enhance your practice, please reach out and let me know.

Take Care,