January 18, 2019 Message to Members

Looking Back, Looking Forward

What were you doing thirty years ago? Many of you were still in school yourselves, navigating primary or secondary school, teacher education or another early path. Or, maybe you were already working in the classroom, building the skills, knowledge and connections that shaped the leader you are today.

More than 30 years ago, the B.C. Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association transitioned from a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) of the BC Teachers’ Federation to a non-profit professional association. During that time, more than 40 dedicated educators have served as President, and countless exceptional Directors have helped guide our organization.

We rounded out our 30th year last week with a small gathering of long-time friends and current partners, and it was a perfect moment to both glance back at where we’ve been and to look ahead at this year and beyond. The goals and objectives of our Strategic Plan are being realized as we continue to focus on attaining fairness in contract provisions and total compensation through negotiation representation; on supporting the leadership capacity and efficacy of our members through professional development opportunities; and on strengthening engagement with our members, the sector, government and the public. Our 2017-2018 Annual Report provides an overview of the advocacy and development activities that touched hundreds of our members each month.

With nearly six months as President in my rear-view mirror, I can’t believe how quickly time is passing and how much I still hope to achieve! As part of my focus on supporting the well-being of our members, we will have a full implementation of the BCPVPA Early Intervention Program through humanworks by this Fall, and I continue to purposefully collaborate with others in our sector to establish and support health and wellness initiatives. I am hoping to see many of our members at the Ministry of Education’s 2nd annual School Community Mental Health Conference – Leading Mentally Healthy Schools in BC – February 4th and 5th in Vancouver.

I have also been excited to see the growth of our members’ interaction on both the BetterEducate platform and through social media as you’ve shared opinions, resources and support, and showcased the unique activities in your schools and the bonds you’re forging with your teams and students.

Much of my work as President involves building relationships on behalf of the association and ensuring that the BCPVPA is a respected and valued voice in public education. Part of that continuing journey is relating the stories of our members and unveiling the work that we do in schools and communities to support student achievement. What’s your favourite story? I’d love to share it.

Take Care,