October 4, 2019 Message to Members

National Principals’ Month

October is National Principals’ (and Vice-Principals’!) Month. Not ‘Day’, not even ‘Week’: it’s a whole month! It feels like an acknowledgement that a typical day for Principals and Vice-Principals seldom follows our intended ‘plan’ when we arrive at our schools. Having a few backup days is greatly appreciated: I am hopeful that we can use one of those days during this month to reach out to a colleague and share with them something we admire or appreciate about their professional practice, or something about their personal approach to the work that we do.

The Principals and Vice-Principals that I know are more likely to shine the ‘recognition spotlight’ on their support and teaching staff, or on the incredible accomplishments of their students. Twitter and Instagram are loaded with glowing evidence of this and it is also well-deserved.

But find the time this month to acknowledge a Principal or Vice-Principal who is making a positive difference in the lives of kids and school communities. Shine a subtle spotlight on their work. And, while you’re at it, take five deep breaths while you reflect on something that you planned, implemented and facilitated, something you’re proud of. Then, pat yourself on the back. It’s National Principals’ Month: you deserve it.

Take Care,