November 22, 2019 Message to Members

Our Story

It’s fitting that we’re releasing our 2018-2019 BCPVPA Annual Report today. We’ve titled this yearly overview Our Year, and see it as more than a collection of the important facts and figures: it’s truly our story of representing our members, and supporting you in the work you do every day in your schools.

Earlier this week, we had an amazing opportunity to tell your story to a group of people who work hard to represent the people of BC at BCPVPA’s first-ever ‘Lobby Day’ at the BC Legislature. In smaller meetings and at a larger luncheon event, we engaged in the very enjoyable process of telling your local MLA about the depth of the role and what your work entails. While we did entertain a few quips about ‘being called before the Principal’, we were able to put the focus on your exceptional passion for your work, your schools and student success.

For many of the MLAs we met with on Monday, this was a first glimpse of the scope and complexities of the work of Principals and Vice-Principals. And while we told many positive stories about your journeys and achievements, we also introduced the challenges that you experience in the role, the health and work intensification issues in the sector and your concerns related to inequities in your contracts.

We were able to tell your story to more than 40 MLAs on Monday, representing nearly half of BC’s electoral districts: it’s a great place to start the conversation with your local provincial government representatives about how to support BC’s Principals and Vice-Principals in their roles in order to ensure continued high performance in our public education system. I hope that there will be many more chapters to this story.

Take Care,