May 3, 2019 Message to Members

BCPVPA Partnership Awards

Remarkable things happen in schools every day. Teachers go the extra mile to coach teams, a local group donates some much-needed equipment, parents fundraise for special events, volunteers fill needs as they emerge, and school leaders spend every moment trying to create the best environment and experience for students and staff. It’s not a cliché: it takes a community to support a school.

For nearly two decades, the BCPVPA has presented the annual Partnership Awards as an acknowledgement of the extraordinary efforts of individuals and groups in our communities who commit deeply to local public schools. Nominations come from our sixty Chapters across the province, and while the range and scope of the support provided is broad, the intent remains focused: it’s all about the students.

I am honoured to be at Chapter Council tonight with six Award recipients whose generosity will have a lasting effect on so many students. Some of the contributions are in the form of mentoring new skills, some in supporting vulnerable youth and families, and some in enhancing learning and looking ahead. These six recipients are representative of the support that each of our members encounters in our schools and while we can’t acknowledge everyone with an award, it’s a good time to reflect upon what we can do to say thank you in a less formal way each day.

Take Care,