December 7, 2018 Message to Members


As many of you know, I’m a forward-looking guy. I’m fascinated by new technology and the way that it can enhance our support of students while advancing our own learning. So, it may come as a surprise that I still write an annual Christmas letter to my friends and family. I treasure the process of casting back through the year that’s passed and documenting it, often with humour and no small measure of sentimentality.

This year, I’m thinking about what I’ve experienced since I became President. July’s trip to Toronto for the symposium on mental health reinforced member well-being as one of the pillars of my work, and October’s journey to Nova Scotia to witness the birth of a new association gave me a strong appreciation of how the BCPVPA has grown and developed. And mostly it’s been the pleasure of meeting with members in your communities and in your homes and finding out more about your challenges and successes. This year’s letter will draw in those experiences, along with the new reality of having a family that is settled in separate cities.

It’s a busy time in schools, as the learning of the Fall flows into report cards and final classes, and beyond into family gatherings and your own holiday traditions. For some it’s a whirlwind, for others a peaceful pause. But before you close the door on 2018, take that moment of reflection to look at what you accomplished: maybe it was an innovation in your school, or supporting a colleague through a crisis. Maybe it was coaching an anxious child to speak for the first time in front of her class or meeting a fundraising target that will cascade in learning benefits to your students. Or maybe it was a milestone event in your family life that will subtly alter your path. You don’t have to produce your own Christmas letter, it may be a cerebral post-it note for you alone. But remember the impact that you’ve made this year.

Take Care,