January 25, 2019 Message to Members

Some Very Good News

In an email to all members on Wednesday, I shared news of a supportive first step in our provincial negotiation representation initiative that occurred at BCPSEA’s Annual General Meeting this week.  Our understanding is that the resolution that had been proposed in advance of the meeting was passed by a significant majority. While we were aware of the initial wording of the resolution, we understand that the original motion was revised on the floor and wording of the amendment is not yet available to us. We believe it is likely that BCPSEA Board of Directors will still need to provide some additional information to the BCPSEA Representatives from all 60 school districts before next steps can be considered. Once we have a full and complete understanding of the motion and its impact, we will share it with our members.

 When we were first advised that this resolution would be introduced at the January 23-24 AGM, it came as both surprising and welcome news for us. Surprising because, although we have been discussing negotiation representation for several years, our efforts have been primarily internal to the organization until we embedded the goal as part of our strategic plan and received the mandate from our members in June 2018 to purposefully pursue a provincial negotiation framework. In that relatively short time, we have had the tremendous support of our members whose active voices and candor have helped to surface the many challenges that BC school leaders are facing. 

And welcome, because news of this discussion at a provincial level is indicative of the significant and meaningful relationship that we have with our partners. To be heard, understood and acknowledged is gratifying, and we give thanks to the BCPSEA Board, our school trustees and our government who were willing to engage in this conversation at a provincial level. We all share a vision of public schools that are positive, efficient and collaborative workplaces with a primary focus on student achievement.

I have been so inspired by the volume of positive responses that immediately popped up in my inbox and which have continued to arrive this week, signalling the excitement that has been bubbling throughout the province. And I want to add a very special thank you to our Chapter Presidents for their hard work and dedication on behalf of the membership: your engagement has been critical to carrying this process forward.

Take Care,