May 10, 2019 Message to Members

BCPVPA Member Survey

We all have different ways of organizing our busy lives. Twenty years ago – maybe only ten years ago – an electronic calendar was unheard of, not to mention all of the emerging digital devices that we now use to manage our time. It was instead a daily planner, often stuffed with post-its, peppered with a rainbow of notations, all bound up with a sturdy elastic to keep the thoughts in place.

Like our planning tools, the surveys of the time were often census-like: massively detailed, marked with a number 2 pencil, mailable in the stamped-self-addressed return envelope and a notorious consumer of time. Today the surveys that we complete online require less of us in many ways, but are just as important. We have become accustomed to the magic of three question, five question or ten question online surveys that will take us 30 seconds, one minute or three minutes to complete. We become more focused on the time that the survey will take us than on the impact that our answers can have, and that’s where I’d like to offer some perspective.

Three weeks ago in eNews, I talked about completing my BCPVPA Member Survey in a column entitled ‘Your Voice’. The use of that title resonated for me, as I wanted to convey to our members the most compelling reason for completing the survey: contributing to the voice of the membership. Without your feedback, we would not be able to confidently represent your challenges, needs, thoughts and priorities as a Principal or Vice-Principal. The 2013 and 2016 surveys helped us to move a step beyond mountains of anecdotal feedback and have provided the solid data behind issues that related to compensation, representation and work-life balance. We suspect that we will find out more about the status of these particular issues, but only with the investment of your time. We thank those members who have completed the survey, and who have moved us closer to our goal.

Whether you are a seasoned member who has completed past surveys, or one of our newer members who may be undertaking the survey for the first time, your collective voice will help us to represent our members locally, regionally, provincially and in both national and international arenas. There’s one week left to complete the survey, and you’ll find the link in my May 6 reminder email: I hope that you will pull out your device of choice, and schedule a 40-minute session to complete the survey, or even two 20-minute sessions to start, save and then complete the survey. Ultimately, you’re boosting the voice of your colleagues and ensuring that your own voice is heard.

Take Care,