April 12, 2019 Message to Members

A Different Way to Serve

As I prepare for the April 12-13 Board of Director’s meeting, I’m reminded of the diversity of thoughts and perspectives that will soon gather around our Board table.

Of the many strengths of the BCPVPA, our diversity is critical to our success as an organization. This is reflected in our committee work, leadership development support and engagement with our many partners across the sector and beyond. The Board of Directors is purposeful in their recognition of diversity, and consistent in ensuring that diverse viewpoints and experiences have a voice in supporting our work.

I’d like to alert you to an opportunity to bring your own unique personality and abilities to the BCPVPA Board. This year, five Directors of the Board will be elected to a two-year term and a President-Elect will be elected for a one-year term before assuming the office of President. The nomination period for both of these roles is open until April 30, and members are nominated for the roles by other members.

I recognize that many of you volunteer enormous amounts of time in local or regional roles, and the thought of spending time away from schools and family can be daunting. But I encourage you to balance those considerations with the opportunity to grow and gain deep experience in the engaging, collaborative and meaningful work of the Board. I have always appreciated the focus on producing results and outcomes that signals the power of the time we spend together. The Board commitment is similar to that of a busy committee, but a Friday and Saturday spent sharing and learning with colleagues is energizing and enriching. Time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s possible that you’ve considered running for the Board in the past but did not pursue a nomination due to other commitments, or uncertainty about the role. You may be looking at a colleague right now and thinking ‘Wow. ________ would make a great Board member’. Undoubtedly, you’re wondering what the typical Board member is like and if this role would be fit for you. The answer is that there is no typical Board member, beyond being a BCPVPA member who is dedicated to supporting other members and furthering our collective goals. Board members have hailed from around the province, large communities and small communities, and have brought with them a staggering range of experience and expertise.

I anticipate this weekend’s meeting as an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion, and to consider points of view that would not emerge without the diversity of thought on the Board, which itself is representative of the diversity of thought in our Association. If you can see yourself or a colleague taking on a Board role, I encourage you to pursue a nomination. If you have questions, please reach out as I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you. To find out more about the process, or to download the forms, please visit bcpvpa.bc.ca/elections

Take Care,