February 15, 2019 Message to Members


It’s right there on my wrist, telling me that it’s time to stand up, or time to take a breath.

I started using an app on my watch recently, and it’s truly the angel on my shoulder that reminds me to do those small things that are so vital to overall health. It’s made me consider transitions, and how often we’re focused more on ‘getting here’ than on ‘being here’.

A teacher I know uses a projector in the classroom to share that messaging with her students: it’s a visual marker that they all recognize, and it reminds them to pause between activities so that they can mindfully close one door before moving to the next.

I adopted a similar strategy recently on a visit to one of our Chapters. It was clear how challenging it was for some of our members to juggle their many commitments and make it to the meeting: some had only moments to spare on arrival, and you could see the anxiety and pressure they were feeling. I wasn’t sure how people would react, but instead of launching into the presentation as the clock hit the top of the hour, I asked everyone to stop for a moment, to close their devices and just to take a few breaths. Full disclosure: I confirmed that I would not lead them in the breathing: there are limits to my expertise! Everyone put down their phones and their pens, closed their laptops and visibly lightened in their seats. We transitioned.

Whether it’s the option of a sit/stand desk, a commitment with a colleague to run after school or embracing a little app on your wrist, there are cues that we can build into our lives that help us to take care of ourselves. On Monday, we have the gift of Family Day: I hope that day can be a time of transition for you, leaving the work aside for a moment and being with the people who are important in your life. On Monday, see if you can move past ‘getting there’ and into ‘being there’.

Take Care,