May 31, 2019 Message to Members

Why Your Vote Counts

We’ve asked for a lot from our members lately – your comprehensive feedback via our 2019 survey, your commitment to the journey towards negotiation representation, your engagement in learning and development opportunities, and your participation in committee work – and we are mindful that the month of June is a crucial point in the school year for Principals and Vice-Principals. But I’m going to do it: I have one more ask.

Next week, our Association will elect an individual who will fulfill the role of President-Elect from July 2019 to June 2020, and who will then lead the BCPVPA as President from July 2020 through June 2022. I believe that this span of years will be a critical period for progress and advancement for both the Association and our profession. This Fall, we join with BCPSEA to engage in discussions that will identify key terms and conditions of employment, and we will work towards developing common employment contract language. We will also launch the Early Intervention Program in all 60 school districts, offering support to members to remain healthy at work as a pre-emptive measure, and we will continue to engage with our sector on addressing the health-related challenges of school leaders, teachers and students. We will build our next-stage Strategic Plan, identifying the goals and objectives that will take the Association forward to 2023.

Why is it important for all members to vote June 4 – 6 for their candidate of choice for President-Elect? Because this individual will represent you as a Principal or Vice-Principal, help to fulfill your needs in the role and be your public advocate. This individual will represent the Association when working with our education sector partners, government and the community. It is your right as a member to cast your vote and to choose the person who you feel can best represent you. When we have high voter participation, we can all be confident that the voice of the membership has been represented in the outcome.

Take a moment to review information about the two President-Elect candidates on our website, and make your decision. Voting is simple: you’ll receive a secure unique electronic ballot by email on Tuesday June 4 to signify that voting is open. Click the link and select your candidate. The election result will be issued to members on Friday June 7. Thank you in advance for having your say and for contributing to the strength of the BCPVPA through your participation.

Take Care,