April 5, 2019 Message to Members

Welcome Back!

As we return to our schools fresh from the break, Spring is in the air and the natural rhythm of the season offers sensory reminders that we are well beyond the half way point in another school year.

I hope the break was just that: an opportunity for Principals and Vice-Principals and their school communities to refresh and rejuvenate. Although time is a constant – with a nod to both Einstein and Christopher Nolan – I was reminded by colleagues this week that Springtime in schools may not actually be a constant after all! “Wasn’t the break 3 weeks ago?!” “Did March even happen?!” “I need more time!!”

A good reminder that planning and preparations for the next school year are well underway across our system, and that time – whether it is a constant or a variable – is a precious commodity.

As you prioritize your time in your schools, I encourage you to consider two specifics: your communication plan and your wellbeing. In the whirlwind of the busy days and weeks ahead, advance notifications and reminders are so appreciated by our school communities. Timely and effective communication is proven to reduce stress and anxiety in staff, students and parents. Knowing is the first step in preparing.

And, while we’re engaged in planning, let’s make sure we don’t forget ourselves. As we plan our timelines, building in our own needs helps to ‘guard’ that important time we need to sustain ourselves.

Take Care,