September 28, 2018 Message to Members

We’ve Got Your Back

Principals and vice-principals can be the broad backs that carry a lot of weight: they advocate for the needs of their students and teams, represent the needs of their schools and often even support the needs of their communities. We see it on the ground in our schools, and it’s backed by widespread research: in order to be supported and successful, our students must be at the centre of all we do. Ensuring this in our ever-changing environment can be a delicate balancing act as we respond to our Boards of Education with school plans and goals, ensure that Parent Advisory Councils have the data that they need, and listen to the ideas and concerns of all of our different stakeholders. As we prioritize the streams of basics, necessities and requests that flow through our days, we place our own needs somewhere to the side, where we can “get to them” later. And we all know that later is, well, much later.

As a Principal, advocacy and representation were embedded in my daily life. As I adjust to my new role as BCPVPA President, there’s a comfort in knowing that these are also the core pillars of the Association, and that this team is here to support your success with the same energy and enthusiasm that you bring to supporting students, teams and partners every day. One of my markers of success in this role will be sharing the stories of our members: sometimes those are success stories, and sometimes they are the narratives of challenge on the path to success. I’d like to share a few sweet tweet-moments that resonated with me this week: Delta VP Sarah Garr’s favourite moment with a student; Director Steve Dalla Lana’s thank you; and the BCPVPA’s Elizabeth Bell’s tribute to shared learning.

These are some of the gifts that we gain from the work we do, and there are many moments in the day that tell us we are on the right path. As you travel through your days, with all of the baggage that you accumulate, I wanted to let you know that we’ve got your back. Let us know what you need.

Take Care,