April 18, 2019 Message to Members

Your Voice

I did something important yesterday, something that I hope will have a lasting and meaningful impact: I completed the 2019 BCPVPA Membership Survey.

I know. It often seems like everyone is competing for your opinion, your feedback or your outlook, about products you use or events you attended. But if you’re going to complete one survey, this is the one to do.

Every three years, the BCPVPA reaches out with a comprehensive survey to measure the thoughts, experiences, views and needs of our members. The intent is to gain an important province-wide perspective: with consistent questions at a moment in time, we will collect member responses from large and small schools, rural and urban schools and new, mid-career and seasoned leaders. The responses will collectively provide the contextual evidence that guides the Association, informs our Strategic Plan going forward and identifies needs in professional development, member support and advocacy.

The past surveys in 2013 and 2016 have helped us to focus our advocacy for members with the Ministry of Education and school boards. Data from the 2013 survey influenced the Ministry’s formation of a leadership development working group to examine how leaders are supported and continues to be relevant as the system addresses recruitment and retention. The responses also reinforced our case for improved compensation. Data from the 2016 survey led to significant sector alignment regarding the gravity of work-life balance for leaders and resulted in our development with humanworks of the Early Intervention Program. The numbers matter. The numbers help us to represent you, and to amplify your voice.

I finished the survey within about 30 minutes, tucked by the window, with my coffee, on my iPad. Working through the survey is a deep and thoughtful process, and perhaps a healthy release of everything that you want to say. You get to tell us about you, your background and experience, your work environment, how you assess performance and how you are in turn assessed. You get to tell us about your school resources, where responsibilities lie and the challenges of your role. And you get to tell us how we’re doing, what your priorities are as a member and the best way that BCPVPA can meet your needs. It’s all there.

So, it’s not that I’m hoping for poor weather this weekend, but if we happen to be struck by wind or rain, sleet or snow, that could be a great opportunity for you to settle in, pull out your phone and be heard. We’re listening.

Take Care,