BCPVPA Benefits Plan Early Intervention Program

The BCPVPA is pleased to announce the Early Intervention Program (EIP) to support members of the BCPVPA Benefits Plan.  The goal of the EIP is to help members to remain healthy and well at work.  The program is administered by humanworks, an organization with extensive experience working with educators in the K-12 system.

The objective of the EIP is to support BCPVPA LTD Benefits Plan members experiencing personal and/or professional disruption as a result of illness, injury, or disability. By participating in this program, the Plan members will be connected with an EIP Consultant who will equip them with the tools and resources they need to address their health-related challenges so that they can stay at work or resume their work roles in a safe and durable manner.

Find out more about EIP on the humanworks site

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Download the EIP brochure


There are no direct costs to BCPVPA LTD Benefits Plan Members to participate in the program. Members must meet eligibility criteria to qualify.


  • 100% voluntary participation
  • Member is employed by any school district in the Province of British Columbia
  • Member must be enrolled in the BCPVPA LTD Benefits Plan

If you are unsure about your status and need to confirm your enrollment in the BCPVPA LTD Benefits Plan, please contact your school district’s Human Resource department.

Referral Criteria

Referral form (Download your form)

Referrals can be made through three channels:

  • Self-referral: Member self-refers by completing a referral form and submitting it directly to humanworks
  • District referral

Regardless of the referral mechanism (ie. Self or third-party), the member’s participation in the EIP remains 100% voluntary. A member can withdraw from the program at any time.

Visit the humanworks site

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