Corporate and Foundation Grants, Partnership and Sponsorship

That the BCPVPA seek corporate and foundation grants, partnerships and sponsorships to advance leadership development and enhance organizational programs and objectives.

That opportunities to receive grants and develop partner and sponsor relationships with corporations and foundations be subject to the following provisos:

  1. That the partner corporation’s or foundation’s business or purpose be compatible with the objectives of the Association;
  2. That the Association retain control over programs that are related to corporate or foundation grant, partnership or sponsorship;
  3. That any corporate or foundation grant, partnership or sponsorship be approved by the Board of Directors;
  4. That the Association provide appropriate recognition of the corporate of foundation partner, which may include the display of the corporate or foundation logo, introductions at sponsored events, and written or oral acknowledgements of the grant, partnership or sponsorship;
  5. That there be no real or perceived conflict of interest for any member or employee of the Association arising from the grant, partnership or sponsorship;
  6. The Association will provide a copy of this policy to corporations or foundations making a grant or seeking to partner with or sponsor the BCPVPA.
  7. The Association will post its Corporate/Foundation grant, partnership and sponsorship policy on the BCPVPA website.
  8. The Executive Director shall provide an annual report to the Board of Directors on corporate/foundation grants, partnership and sponsorships.