The BCPVPA Member Support Services team

  • provides prompt daily interactions with members on challenging circumstances from the field

  • liaises with senior management of school districts in collaborative problem-solving initiatives

  • recommends strategic approaches around local contract negotiations

  • delivers educational workshops in the contract and legal domain

  • provides responsive advocacy services related to Member benefit inquiries, the sick leave process and long-term disability/WorkSafeBC application, claim challenges and work return

  • directs members to resources to support their health and well-being

Member support is also provided for those who experience complaints or investigations, including those external to a school district.

Don Boyd


Director of Member Support Services
Magdalena Kassis


Director of Member Support Services
Ellen Roberts


Director of Member Support Services
Rochelle Morandini


Long Term Disability (LTD) Claim Support



  • Co-­ordinate  CAC  (Contract  Advisory  Committee)  with  provincial  representation  to  facilitate communication of trends, strategies and education related to contract negotiations

  • Review  and  provide  recommendations  for  P/VP  district  negotiation  teams  with  respect  to  their contracts. Support development of strong local economic & welfare teams

  • Develop materials for education in the ‘contract’ domain and provide workshops for local associations specific to facilitating an understanding of their contracts

  • Provide strategies for approaching negotiations and teach skill sets to enhance chances of success

  • Maintain  data-­‐base  and  awareness  of  salary  and  benefit  trends  provincially.

  • Research  and  provide analytics to facilitate comparative analysis and development of subsequent strategic approaches with respect to negotiations

  • Liaise with BCPSEA on matters related to total compensation structures of members

BC Student Voice

  • Support BC Student Voice

  • Liaise with MoE and other stakeholder groups to facilitate student participation and contributions to a variety of programs

  • Develop student leadership skill sets and support distributed student education on matters deemed to be of importance to student with respect to their education via the semi-­‐annual seminars


  • Coordinate and provide representation to TPPAC (Teacher’s Pension Plan Advisory Committee) which is sponsored by the BCTF and includes Superintendent & P/VP members

  • Provide  guidance  around  the  workings  of  the  TPP  for  our  members  (but  not  advice  related  to  any aspects of monetary decision making)

Long-Term Disability (LTD) and Workers’ Compensation (WorkSafe BC)

  • Sponsor and monitor a Provincial Long Term Disability Plan for our members and excluded staff

  • Liaise with Morneau Shepell in management of the LTD Plan and make appropriate adjustments

  • Review semi-­‐annually all individuals who are currently on the Plan

  • Support Plan members with information and liaise with DesJardins (carriers of the LTD Plan) or WorkSafeBC

  • Provide direct support to members regarding the process and information requirements from sick leave or short term disability through to long term disability; or for WorkSafeBC

  • Advocate for members when benefits are inappropriately suspended or terminated

Legal Matters

  • Provide clarification to members on interpretation of their contract, the School Act, various other Acts and statutes

  • Determine need to engage our lawyers and then work with them in providing support to members

  • Maintain understanding and knowledge of trends and precedents that impact education and educational leaders within their roles

  • Maintain documentation on all legal matters

  • Facilitate member education via presentations, including Short Course

Contract Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Contract Advisory Committee both advises the Board of Directors and serves as a network to inform and Chapter leaders in contractual matters. An annual Contract Seminar is held to build knowledge and capacity for Chapter leaders who negotiate on behalf of the membership. Our professional staff deliver workshops in Chapters and present at the annual Short Course. Staff present workshops to bolster members’ skills in areas of contract and legal issues.

Workshops include:

  • Negotiating Skills & Strategies: The major elements of a successful negotiation in one’s day-to-day dealings with the school and community, based on Harvard’s Getting to Yes model.

  • Legal Issues: Charter of Rights issues, School Act, searches, field trips, harassment as well as current issues in the district.

  • Contracts: Become more familiar with personal services contracts. This can be general or Chapter specific.