1503, 2018

BCPVPA election

BCPVPA Election for 7 Directors

Nominations open for the election of BCPVPA Directors on April 3 and close on May 4. Members will elect six Directors to two-year terms and one Director to a one-year term. The one-year term will fill the one-year term left vacant as Kevin Reimer becomes Executive Director on July 1. The successful candidate…read more

203, 2018

BCPVPA appointment notice

Kevin Reimer named Executive Director

The BCPVPA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Reimer as BCPVPA Executive Director, effective July 1. The Board looks forward to continuing its work with Kevin, who has served as President since May, 2016. Kevin was first elected to the Board in 2013. During Kevin’s term as President, and…read more

1501, 2018

Professional Learning Registration Links


for BCPVPA Professional Learning and Development programs for 2018:

Register: Connecting Leaders 2018

Register: Culture of Learning: Level One

Register: Culture of Learning: Level Two

Register: Short Course I

Register: Short Course II

401, 2018

Leadership Opportunities

The BCPVPA also includes Leadership Opportunities in every issue of eNews

Chilliwack invites applications for anticipated vacancies for Principals and Vice-Principals, potentially at the Elementary, Middle and Secondary level, for 2018-2019. Apply by 5 pm, March 23. http://bit.ly/2GyZ0wA

Surrey invites applications for District Principal – Student Support. Applications are due by 12 noon, March 29. read more

2212, 2017

BCPVPA/SOGI webinars in January

The BCPVPA and SOGI presented two webinars in January.


SOGI Education in BC (Part 1)

Why and How (and parent rights)

This webinar will focus on the why and how of SOGI-inclusive education along with the issue of parent rights.

SOGI Education in…read more

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