David DeRosa

October 4, 2019 Message to Members

National Principals’ Month

October is National Principals’ (and Vice-Principals’!) Month. Not ‘Day’, not even ‘Week’: it’s a whole month! It feels like an acknowledgement that a typical day for Principals and Vice-Principals seldom follows our intended ‘plan’ when we arrive at our schools. Having a few backup days is greatly appreciated: I am hopeful that…read more

David DeRosa

September 27, 2019 Message to Members

Island Connections

On Monday, I got off the plane at Victoria International Airport and it was raining as hard as I have ever seen. Through the drops cascading on the tarmac, I believe I saw hundreds of animals marching 2 x 2 toward a very large wooden boat. But I was happy to have landed…read more

David DeRosa

September 20, 2019 Message to Members

On the Road Again

I can hear the sweet strains of Willie Nelson in my head: “On the road again …”

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the very best part of my role as President is the opportunity to be on the ground and to meet our members. I get to do that…read more

David DeRosa

September 13, 2019 Message to Members

Reading and Leading

I’ve participated in a number of book clubs over the years, some for fiction but mostly for books that focus on themes of education and leadership. But here’s the thing: I found it challenging to pair my tremendous book club enthusiasm with successful completion of that session’s selection. Tackling a book for…read more

David DeRosa

September 6, 2019 Message to Members

Expect the Unexpected

We’ve all been there. You have had an amazing lead-up through August, and you’re now a few days into the school year. You’re not exactly relaxed, but you’re feeling confident. It’s the best start-up yet. And then … something happens. It could be an equipment failure in your mechanical room or a…read more

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