David DeRosa

March 13, 2020 Message to Members


I feel pretty certain that I am not the only one who has stopped and reflected this week on where we are in space and time. Space, because I am thankful to be a Canadian and a British Columbian with access to a steady stream of reliable information about the threat of the Coronavirus…read more

David DeRosa

March 6, 2020 Message to Members

International Women’s Day

One of the great events that BCPVPA has launched in the past few years is our Leading the Way: Women in Leadership luncheon. It’s in mid-September, at a time when our members are back in their schools and just past those first few weeks of wonderful organized chaos. It’s an electric event,…read more

David DeRosa

February 28, 2020 Message to Members

Pink Shirt Day

One of the greatest markers in this week was Pink Shirt Day, a movement that has lifted hearts and caught imaginations with head-to-toe pink and stirring acts of kindness. Our colleagues across the province and our partners in education were front and centre on social media: we saw team photos and some…read more

David DeRosa

February 21, 2020 Message to Members

A Week of Connections

As I walked to work on Wednesday, I thought about the special pleasure of crisp air and blue skies in February, something that just seems to lift our attitudes and brighten our days. Yesterday’s Board of Directors meeting had a marina-side view, where we joked that we would need to shake…read more

David DeRosa

February 14, 2020 Message to Members

The Learning Brain Series

We received some great feedback from our members about Jack MacNeill’s column in the February 7 eNews, where the humanworks President shared some strategies for transitioning each day from work to home. If you missed it, you can read it here. The approaches are pretty simple, but – like deep breathing…read more

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