David DeRosa

May 29, 2020 Message to Members

The Power of Connection

While we frequently soldier through tasks and projects without support, the reality is that most things are just a little bit better, a little bit more solid, and little bit more thoughtful when we have a team alongside us. We have seen that in the formulation and operation of remote learning,…read more

David DeRosa

May 22, 2020 Message to Members

Contemplating Leadership

We have all made significant adjustments to our ‘normal’ lives since March, both personally and professionally. While I’ve heard a lot of commentators talk about the ‘new normal’, none of us yet have a sense of what the ‘new normal’ might be. In BC, the path ahead is looking clearer, there are…read more

David DeRosa

May 15, 2020 Message to Members

The Ministerial Committee

Since March, BC educators have been Apollo 13-ing the system. While I can’t take credit for this striking description, it has resonated for me and I’ve thought about it again and again in recent weeks. It’s hard to completely fathom the innovation, responsiveness and effort that has been dedicated to the continuity…read more

David DeRosa

May 8, 2020 Message to Members

Sunshine, On a Cloudy Day

This week I was in a bit of a funk. I’m not sure if it was the steady cycle of Zoom meetings in a basement office, my attempts to plan for a future that is marked by unknowns and constantly moving dates, or the recent rainy weather. Or, perhaps, a…read more

David DeRosa

May 1, 2020 Message to Members


In the past 18-20 months, I have written regularly about the importance of social emotional learning (SEL), self-care and maintaining an ongoing awareness of our needs as leaders in our complex and nuanced roles. In our current reality where we are in a time of crisis and find ourselves confronting the unknown every…read more

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