David DeRosa

January 11, 2019 Message to Members


In December, I talked about the importance of marking and celebrating your accomplishments when you reflect on 2018. In this first message of 2019, I’d like to continue that thread with a focus on what you learned last year and how you will intentionally carry that learning forward.

Some pieces of learning are bold and declarative…read more

David DeRosa

December 14, 2018 Message to Members

BC Funding Model Review

As many of you know, the BC Ministry of Education has been consulting with K-12 stakeholders to review the province’s public education funding model. The current funding model has been in place for more than 15 years, and can no longer reflect the social, cultural and demographic trends in our province. Advances…read more

David DeRosa

December 7, 2018 Message to Members


As many of you know, I’m a forward-looking guy. I’m fascinated by new technology and the way that it can enhance our support of students while advancing our own learning. So, it may come as a surprise that I still write an annual Christmas letter to my friends and family. I treasure the process of…read more

David DeRosa

November 30, 2018 Message to Members

Chapter Council

Earlier this week, you received our brief on the November 23-24 President’s Meeting, Chapter Council and AGM. The sessions were informative, and we introduced a lot of content that reps will bring back to your local meetings. I’m eager to hear from you if you have any questions!

One feature of the sessions that we…read more

David DeRosa

November 23, 2018 Message to Members

Coming Together

I feel fortunate for those occasions in the calendar where we move outward from our regular circles and can share time and conversations with members from around the province.

From November 22 – 24, our BCPVPA Board, Chapter Presidents and Chapter Councils will come together. As a Board, we look at the big picture of the…read more

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