David DeRosa

June 26, 2020 Message to Members

What’s Important

In my two years as President of the BCPVPA, I have honestly experienced new things every day. Although I had served as a Director on the Board, and had a year under my belt as President-Elect, the scope and complexity of the work and the learning has been profound. For the first 18…read more

David DeRosa

June 19, 2020 Message to Members


Words don’t often fail me, but I have struggled to process the brutal racist events that we have all witnessed in these past weeks. While there have been fleeting moments of hope in the horror, I have felt disbelief that this level of hate, violence and inequity exists in 2020. And in facing and…read more

David DeRosa

June 12, 2020 Message to Members


I have been a secondary school teacher and a Principal for most of my career. So, at this time of year, I am usually caught up in the electric sense of excitement that pervades a high school, and that unparalleled feeling that there are bright futures unfolding right before our eyes. My own nieces…read more

David DeRosa

June 5, 2020 Message to Members

Looking Beyond

As we wind towards the end of this first week of re-integrating in-class instruction, I have no doubt that you have all been thinking even farther down the road: to the end of June, to the summer ahead, and to the shape of your working life once we reach August. But before we…read more

David DeRosa

May 29, 2020 Message to Members

The Power of Connection

While we frequently soldier through tasks and projects without support, the reality is that most things are just a little bit better, a little bit more solid, and little bit more thoughtful when we have a team alongside us. We have seen that in the formulation and operation of remote learning,…read more

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