Darren Danyluk

Oct 9, 2020 Message to Members

Overheard This Week…

In this first week of National Principals’ Month, I heard many comments from our members.  One of those comments, “We’re discovering how to be in a pandemic,” was spoken by a member reflecting on the challenges of the last eight weeks. “Creating something new instead of running as fast as I can…read more

Darren Danyluk

Oct 2, 2020 Message to Members

Concrete – Specific, Particular & Real

September is over.

September in schools often ends with us internally harbouring the contradictory sentiments ‘will this never end?’ and ‘that was fast!’.  In a typical year, it seems there is never enough time to address all of the needs and details of a start-up; in a pandemic year, the…read more

Darren Danyluk

Sept 25, 2020 Message to Members

“Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?”

Have you seen Spinal Tap? Those of my vintage may know exactly where I’m going with this. For everyone else, Spinal Tap is a seminal mockumentary directed by Rob Reiner, who also plays the role of the fictional filmmaker Marty.

In the film, Marty records the exploits of an 80’s…read more

Darren Danyluk

Sept 18, 2020 Message to Members

‘Look at this photograph…’

I bought my first car in the summer before grade 12. I felt so grown-up – so old – when I pulled into the parking lot on that first day of school. Fast forward to 2020: on the first day of school, I pulled into that same parking lot. Again, I…read more

Darren Danyluk

Sept 11, 2020 Message to Members

“Begin as you mean to go on…”

I can’t remember where I first heard this phrase, but the words of Charles Haddon Spurgeon became a fixture of my Welcome Back address during the first assembly of the school year. Now, for the first time in 50 years, I have not started my school year in…read more

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