David DeRosa

March 15, 2019 Message to Members

Spring Break

What is your ideal Spring Break? A ski trip or sun vacation with the family? Local staycation adventures, spending time with your kids, dogs, cats, friends? Whatever your version of ‘perfect’ might be, I hope that you will be able to live it over the coming break. It’s a milestone in the latter half…read more

David DeRosa

March 8, 2019 Message to Members

Mental Models

A few weeks back I shared with you a brief outline of my introduction to Compassionate Systems Leadership and Thinking. I was incredibly fortunate to be part of the BC team that participated in a 3 day workshop facilitated by Peter Senge and Mette Miriam Boell. The workshop provided a Systems Thinking…read more

David DeRosa

February 22, 2019 Message to Members

Issues Forum

Today I feel fortunate to set my sights on learning and connection. While it’s true that we learn and connect each day, a few hours of focused learning alongside your colleagues is truly something special.

For many years, the BCPVPA’s Issues Forum has been an annual opportunity for the Association to gather and present just…read more

David DeRosa

March 1, 2019 Message to Members

Pink Shirt Day

This week in our schools, the hallways were awash with a sea of pink in every shade imaginable, colouring shirts, jackets, scarves and sweaters, and even painting cheeks and foreheads with hearts and positive messages. It’s a perfect example of everyone pulling in the same direction but doing it in hundreds of diverse…read more

David DeRosa

February 15, 2019 Message to Members


It’s right there on my wrist, telling me that it’s time to stand up, or time to take a breath.

I started using an app on my watch recently, and it’s truly the angel on my shoulder that reminds me to do those small things that are so vital to overall health. It’s made me consider…read more

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