David DeRosa

December 13, 2019 Message to Members

Happy Holidays

Today’s post is brief, as I know that you are all preparing for your break. While it’s a short message, I hope you’ll keep it in your thoughts. Carve out some time for yourselves during the holiday season, and find your personal joy in reading a new book, walking some quiet paths, launching…read more

David DeRosa

December 6, 2019 Message to Members

Themes of Connection

Sharing a few of my activities, experiences and perspectives with you through eNews each week has become an enjoyable part of my reflective routine. Given the diversity of each day’s content – and accounting for my own memory! – I’ve come to rely on a practice that has developed as a part…read more

David DeRosa

November 29, 2019 Message to Members

More About Lobby Day at the BC Legislature

After posting last week’s column about the BCPVPA’s November 18 visit to the BC Legislature, I’ve received so much interest from members – many thoughtful questions, positive feedback and requests to find out more – so I’d like to take the opportunity to continue that story in…read more

David DeRosa

November 22, 2019 Message to Members

Our Story

It’s fitting that we’re releasing our 2018-2019 BCPVPA Annual Report today. We’ve titled this yearly overview Our Year, and see it as more than a collection of the important facts and figures: it’s truly our story of representing our members, and supporting you in the work you do every day in your…read more

David DeRosa

November 15, 2019 Message to Members

Advocacy, Representation and Leadership Development

This short and busy week has a very circular feeling for me, with curving patterns that are nested neatly right where they should be. I feel that I’m seeing a perfect exemplification of our Association’s mission statement through three events that mark this week.

 Serving members by supporting effective leadership in…read more

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