David DeRosa

May 31, 2019 Message to Members

Why Your Vote Counts

We’ve asked for a lot from our members lately – your comprehensive feedback via our 2019 survey, your commitment to the journey towards negotiation representation, your engagement in learning and development opportunities, and your participation in committee work – and we are mindful that the month of June is a crucial point…read more

David DeRosa

May 24, 2019 Message to Members

Education in BC

I was proud to represent the BCPVPA at a landmark event this week. The conference title was lengthy – the OECD Education 2030 9th IWG (Informal Working Group) and BC Education Conference – but the essence was pure: to bring together educators and education stakeholders from around the world to talk about best…read more

David DeRosa

May 17, 2019 Message to Members

Your Time

This week’s column is dedicated to something very important to me: your time.

This week’s message is 75 words. The time you would ordinarily take to read this column can instead be used to complete the 2019 Member Survey, at the member link in my May 16 email.

The survey has been extended to May 24:…read more

David DeRosa

May 10, 2019 Message to Members

BCPVPA Member Survey

We all have different ways of organizing our busy lives. Twenty years ago – maybe only ten years ago – an electronic calendar was unheard of, not to mention all of the emerging digital devices that we now use to manage our time. It was instead a daily planner, often stuffed with post-its,…read more

David DeRosa

May 3, 2019 Message to Members

BCPVPA Partnership Awards

Remarkable things happen in schools every day. Teachers go the extra mile to coach teams, a local group donates some much-needed equipment, parents fundraise for special events, volunteers fill needs as they emerge, and school leaders spend every moment trying to create the best environment and experience for students and staff. It’s not…read more

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