David DeRosa

April 26, 2019 Message to Members

BC Student Voice

I’m working on Saturday, but somehow it doesn’t seem like work. I’ll be joining several dozen impassioned, smart and lively students at the BC Student Voice Spring Forum. My session with these students will focus on a discussion of the Grade 10 Literacy & Numeracy, and Grade 12 Literacy programs: their candid feedback…read more

David DeRosa

April 18, 2019 Message to Members

Your Voice

I did something important yesterday, something that I hope will have a lasting and meaningful impact: I completed the 2019 BCPVPA Membership Survey.

I know. It often seems like everyone is competing for your opinion, your feedback or your outlook, about products you use or events you attended. But if you’re going to complete one…read more

David DeRosa

April 12, 2019 Message to Members

A Different Way to Serve

As I prepare for the April 12-13 Board of Director’s meeting, I’m reminded of the diversity of thoughts and perspectives that will soon gather around our Board table.

Of the many strengths of the BCPVPA, our diversity is critical to our success as an organization. This is reflected in our committee work,…read more

David DeRosa

April 5, 2019 Message to Members

Welcome Back!

As we return to our schools fresh from the break, Spring is in the air and the natural rhythm of the season offers sensory reminders that we are well beyond the half way point in another school year.

I hope the break was just that: an opportunity for Principals and Vice-Principals and their school communities…read more

David DeRosa

March 15, 2019 Message to Members

Spring Break

What is your ideal Spring Break? A ski trip or sun vacation with the family? Local staycation adventures, spending time with your kids, dogs, cats, friends? Whatever your version of ‘perfect’ might be, I hope that you will be able to live it over the coming break. It’s a milestone in the latter half…read more

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