David DeRosa

October 25, 2019 Message to Members

Connecting Leaders 2019

I’ve been fortunate to be out on the road again this week in SD 53, 51 and 67. It’s such a beautiful part of the province in the Fall, as the leaves change colour and that brisk chill is starting to creep into the edges of each day. I’ve been grateful for…read more

David DeRosa

October 18, 2019 Message to Members

Haida Gwaii

Tuesday was an early start as I said ‘goodbye’ to Thanksgiving Monday, and made my way through Vancouver’s morning rush to the south terminal to board my flight to Haida Gwaii. I was a little nervous when, shortly after boarding, I received a text from Chapter President Verena Gibbs, “if you land, text…read more

David DeRosa

October 11, 2019 Message to Members

Recognizing Opportunity

For this week’s column, I’d like to share a story. This story sprang to mind as I prepared to spend time with PLD representatives this past weekend in workshops that dove into the integration of the Leadership Standards into BetterEducate. Here we go:

For the annual corporate conference and AGM of a company with…read more

David DeRosa

October 4, 2019 Message to Members

National Principals’ Month

October is National Principals’ (and Vice-Principals’!) Month. Not ‘Day’, not even ‘Week’: it’s a whole month! It feels like an acknowledgement that a typical day for Principals and Vice-Principals seldom follows our intended ‘plan’ when we arrive at our schools. Having a few backup days is greatly appreciated: I am hopeful that…read more

David DeRosa

September 27, 2019 Message to Members

Island Connections

On Monday, I got off the plane at Victoria International Airport and it was raining as hard as I have ever seen. Through the drops cascading on the tarmac, I believe I saw hundreds of animals marching 2 x 2 toward a very large wooden boat. But I was happy to have landed…read more

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