David DeRosa

October 5, 2018 Message to Members

Celebrating Teachers and Principals

As we lead in our schools every day, juggling the activities, challenges and triumphs that mark our hours, we can get pretty focused on that world. Today is a good day to put our heads up and be recognized by the global community. It’s National Principals’ Month, and October 5 is World…read more

David DeRosa

September 28, 2018 Message to Members

We’ve Got Your Back

Principals and vice-principals can be the broad backs that carry a lot of weight: they advocate for the needs of their students and teams, represent the needs of their schools and often even support the needs of their communities. We see it on the ground in our schools, and it’s backed by…read more

David DeRosa

September 21, 2018 Message to Members


Traveling used to mean a complete disconnect from regular routines, and moving cities would often cue a closure of bonds to that previous life. Technology has changed the way that we think about distance and has proven that we are never really that far apart. My move to Vancouver has doubled my distance from my…read more

David DeRosa

September 14, 2018 Message to Members


This week was marked by remembrance for many of us. The 17th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy prompted conversations of “where were you when…?” and a fresh realization of how life can change without warning. It was my first week as a new VP in a middle school, and my youngest child…read more

David DeRosa

September 7, 2018 Message to Members

Back to School

I am hopeful that this message finds you still excited and energized after the first week back to school. My experience has been that social media can present new challenges and opportunities to those of us in educational leadership roles, but this week it truly shines a positive light on the excitement of…read more

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