David DeRosa

November 23, 2018 Message to Members

Coming Together

I feel fortunate for those occasions in the calendar where we move outward from our regular circles and can share time and conversations with members from around the province.

From November 22 – 24, our BCPVPA Board, Chapter Presidents and Chapter Councils will come together. As a Board, we look at the big picture of the…read more

David DeRosa

November 16, 2018 Message to Members

In Remembrance

In the transition of the seasons and the cycle of the school year, Remembrance Day 2018 has brought to our communities a deep sense of reflection. Across BC, within the smallest elementary schools, in our distributed and alternative programs and in our largest secondary schools, thoughtful ceremonies and activities brought together students, staff and special…read more

David DeRosa

November 9, 2018 Message to Members

Negotiation Representation

Negotiation: (n) formal discussions between people who have different aims or intentions, especially in business or politics, during which they try to reach an agreement.

 Representation: (n) the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented.

The BCPVPA’s quest for negotiation representation has been a pivotal theme in our work…read more

David DeRosa

November 2, 2018 Message to Members

New Beginnings

I was fortunate to be part of an historic occasion last week, the birth of a new association with goals much like our own. The Public School Administrator’s Association of Nova Scotia (PSAANS) invited myself and our long-time Manager of Finance Carol Powell to join them for their inaugural conference and AGM, along…read more

David DeRosa

October 26, 2018 Message to Members

Contemplating “Connecting Leaders”

I’m still thinking about the Connecting Leaders conference: there’s something very special about being in a room with members who have gathered from around the province to put aside the needs of the week for a short time. We had the opportunity to truly connect.

The three keynote speakers couldn’t have been more different:…read more

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