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June 2020 Issue

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Principl(ed) Magazine shares the stories of BC’s Principals & Vice-Principals
and is published three times a year: Fall (November), Spring (March) & Summer (June)
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June 2020 Issue Articles

President’s Perspective
BCPVPA President David DeRosa reflects on his journey with BCPVPA as his two-year term comes to a close with thoughts on leading during a pandemic, the importance of connection, and balancing work and life

A Day in the Life of a Secondary Vice-Principal
Beth Applewhite, shares the shape of her day as a secondary Vice-Principal, along with her thoughts on leadership, learning, diversity and being part of a collaborative team

The Budget Committee: More than Just Numbers 
BCPVPA Director of Finance, Carol Powell, boils down what the Budget Committee does and the integral role they play in our budget and operating plan

Learning: Connecting Leaders During Crisis
Professional Learning and Development Directors, Elizabeth Bell and Jessica Antosz, share their thoughts on the importance of connection, especially during a crisis, and announce the virtual Connecting Leaders Conference for 2020.

Did you know: FIPPA and the Role of the Principal
Ellen Roberts, Director of Member Support Services at BCPVPA, boils down what BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) is, and what it implies for Principals

Profile: Up to Speed
President-Elect, Darren Danyluk, shares his journey as a school leader, and his goals for his upcoming term at the BCPVPA beginning July 1st, 2020

Roots: The Gift of Teaching and Learning from the Land 
Prince George Vice-Principal, Katie Marren, shares how a new program uses land-based education as a way of incorporating restitution and restorative practice and reducing barriers to learning and engagement


When Students Have a Voice
Principal, Aaron Akune, and five students from North Delta Secondary share and reflect on what they think ‘student success’ embodies and how they can achieve it

Strong Leadership Builds Libraries
SD63 Vice-Principal David Mark and Darcy McNee, Saanich District Teacher Leader, share how teacher leaders were able to reinvent the school library as a learning commons through collaborative work, flexibility and reciprocal relationships

Feature: Creating Connection Through Exploring and Our Sense of Place
SD61 Vice-Principal, Sarah Elford, shares about an international partnership between SD61 and Thanda Community School in South Africa


Take 3 with Jack MacNeill
Jack MacNeill from humanworks provides 3 public-health-friendly suggestions to transition from ‘work mode’ to ‘summer mode’

It Still Takes a Village
Dr. Hagar Goldberg on secure relationships during a time of physical distancing, the changes our children have experienced, and what brain science reveals about stress response

Brain Strain: Mental Health 101 Part 1
Rochelle Morandini, Member Health and Wellbeing at BCPVPA, walks us through what burnout might look like in the workplace, its impacts on daily life and steps to prevent burnout

Community: 44Dresses
SD44 Principal Lisa Upton shares about a North Vancouver community program, 44Dresses, that provides NVSD students with outfits for their Grade 7 Farewell event

2020 BCPVPA Partnership Awards
We recognize and introduce the five recipients of the 2020 BCPVPA Partnership Awards, who have all had an incredible impact on their local SD communities

Principals Wendy Lu (SD43) and Ian Landy (SD47) reflect on books that have provided some key learnings for their leadership roles, and Don Boyd, BCPVPA Director of Member Support Services, reflects on an essential read on the core aspects of a successful retirement

Last Word: Executive Director Kevin Reimer
BCPVPA Executive Director, Kevin Reimer, reflects on how the pandemic affects the larger public education system, and the increasing need for continuity of learning for students

March 2020 Issue

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Principl(ed): Spring 2020

March 2020 Issue

Feature articles:

A President’s Perspective: Permission to Breathe
BCPVPA President David DeRosa shares his perspective on sustaining healthy relationships while navigating complex systems.

A Day in the Life of a District Principal
Step into the shoes of Selma Smith as she shares her experience as a District Principal, with the highlights, the challenges and everything in-between

BCPVPA’s Contract Advisory Committee
Explore the behind-the-scenes work of the CAC dedicated to improving employment contracts, salaries and benefits for Principals and Vice-Principals

PLD: Being an Effective Instructional Leader
Jessica and Elizabeth, Directors of PLD, share their insight on “instructional leadership” and why it’s important for communities

Roots: The Sm’algya̱x Program
Learn about the significance of the Sm’algyax language to the Ts’msyen community

Westcot Learning Stories
Explore how Westcot Elementary School celebrates classroom learning and is creating a culture of collaboration in their community

BC’s Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)
Find out how the FESL puts the needs of K-12 students first, and invites collaboration in supporting student success

The BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation
The staff at the Professional Conduct Unit (BC Ministry of Education) share the process for the investigation of a filed complaint

Wellness: Take 3 from Jack MacNeill
Learn how to create a simple plan for self-care

Obstacles to Well-Being: In Your Words
Read what our members shared about obstacles they face in their practice

Leveraging Relationships through Mentoring: the Cmolik Foundation
Find out how Cmolik mentors are building quality relationships to help students succeed

Have Team Will Travel – the Provincial Program for FASD
Learn about the Provincial Outreach Program that aims to increase educators’ capacity to meet the learning needs of students with FASD

Jean Up for BC Children’s Hospital
Join BCPVPA in BCCH’s province-wide initiative to support kids

Presidents’ Panel: Advice for New Chapter Presidents
Words of wisdom from five BCPVPA Chapter Presidents

Book Review: The Gifts of Imperfection & Make Learning Magical
BCPVPA members, Kathy Fladager and Sue Tonnesen share learning from recent reads

Retirement: The New Chapter
Gain insight on ‘successful aging’ and transitioning into retirement

The Last Word: Kevin Reimer on Strategic Planning
Find out how we are setting organizational goals and building the next strategic plan for BCPVPA


The BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association
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Read President David DeRosa’s introduction

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shares the stories of BC’s Principals’ & Vice-Principals’
and is published three times a year:
Fall (November), Spring (March) & Summer (June)

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Principl(ed): Fall 2019

November 2019 Issue

Feature articles:

A Day in the Life of an Elementary School Principal
Principal Tim Mushumanski on his role, his school community and the unbridled enthusiasm of young learners

BC Partners in Education: BC School Superintendents Association
President Chris van der Mark on his journey, his role and developing the Educated Citizen

Book Reviews
Two BCPVPA members offer their reviews of books that intrigued and challenged them

Committee Profile: WIWC
The Workplace Intensification & Wellbeing Committee shares a focus on health and inclusion

Dave, from Trail
BCPVPA President David DeRosa on leadership, compassion, and meeting our members where they live

Guide to Being an Ocean Savvy Educator
Ocean literacy has become exceptionally accessible across BC with mobile programs and hands-on opportunities

Harassment: What It Is … and What It Isn’t
What do you do when the unthinkable happens? We explore the definition of harassment, and the steps that come with an investigation

LTD 101
Do you understand your Long Term Disability coverage? Morneau Shepell’s Ingrid Gailler on the BCPVPA LTD Benefits Plan

PLD: Supporting Learners
An October weekend brings together members to learn, collaborate and share

Vanguard Secondary’s storytelling experience

The Last Word: Executive Director Kevin Reimer
On the path to building BCPVPA 2.0