Professional Learning and Development at the BCPVPA involves myriad initiatives and objectives to build capacity and leadership for principals and vice-principals. The combined work of the BCPVPA staff, its Professional Development and Development representatives and committee members determine the most effective ways to deliver these initiatives.

Update: January 15, 2018

Registration is now open for a variety of BCPVPA Professional Learning and Development programs for 2018:

Professional Learning and Development Chapter Reps collaborate and learn

On Sunday and Monday, October 1-2, more 60 BCPVPA members representing 55 school districts gathered in Richmond to share and learn together. Professional Learning and Development is a key educational focus at school, chapter, district, regional and provincial levels and once a year, the BCPVPA provides the opportunity for chapter representatives to enrich networks face to face.

This fall, the Reps were introduced to BetterEducate (, the electronic format of Professional Growth Plans that is based on the Leadership Standards for Principals and Vice-Principals in British Columbia. The development of this program is one that combines a rationale for PGPs that is grounded in purpose, vision, values, with a self-assessment tool and a goal development template. An advantage of the program is that it acts as an electronic portfolio where principals and vice-principals can archive the many outstanding artifacts of their learning and leading. There is also a sharing option which allows for collaboration both for PGP development as well as general resource sharing. PLD Reps are ready to share this platform with all BCPVPA members.

The Connecting Leaders conference will now be regionally hosted on a four-year cycle. The BCPVPA PLD staff is excited to work with regional planning teams to create relevant regional conferences that are open to all BC educators. Vancouver Island/Central Coast will host the conference — Connecting Leaders: Changing Tides, Charting Our Course Together — in October 2018. Connecting Leaders will be co-hosted in 2019 by the Okanagan/Kootenay Region; in 2020 by the Northern Interior/Northwest; and in 2021 by the Lower mainland Region.

Other resources shared and highlighted with Reps included ERAC, a resource available in many schools in BC: Taking Your Seat at the Fire, embedded indigenous curriculum with Leona Prince, and LEAP, a peer shadowing experience between BC and Australian educators (see next page).

Ask your Chapter PLD Rep for details or give us a call at the BCPVPA office.

Jessica Antosz and Elizabeth Bell, Managers
Kim Benjamin-Maxwell, Senior Assistant

Leading a Culture of Learning – Level 1

  • an eight-month learning experience supporting leading learning through focused dialogue that is grounded in a clear vision – all to enhance a culture of learning in your school. The 5 day-long sessions offer an opportunity to build instructional leadership capacity through a peer coaching model with embedded practice and reflection. Sessions are generally held on a consecutive Friday and Saturday in the fall, winter and spring. On-going peer support occurs through triad conference calls held every two weeks and has proven to be a valuable portion of the learning experience.

Remaining 2017/18 Dates


  • Friday, May 4

Prince George:

  • Friday, February 16
  • Monday, April 30


  • Friday, February 16
  • Monday, April 30


  • Tuesday, January 16
  • Friday, March 9
  • Tuesday, May 8

Leading a Culture of Learning – Level 2

  • a five-day program over seven months that offers a practical extension to Level 1. The BC five Dimensions of Practice, a framework of common language of learning, is used as participants practice observing learning in classrooms and work with colleagues to develop curious questions that inspire learning for all. The first session introduces the 5D Framework and the subsequent four sessions are hosted in schools of the participants. During these four practical sessions, participants will have the opportunity to establish the dimension of focus that will guide several learning observations and then practice developing reflective questions in a supportive group setting. Triad teams will provide on-going peer support between the sessions as participants engage in their learning focused dialogues.

Remaining 2017/18 dates


  • Thursday, January 18
  • Thursday, March 1
  • Wednesday, April 25


  • Wednesday, January 24
  • Monday, March 5
  • Wednesday, May 2


The BCPVPA Aboriginal Advisory Committee: The BCPVPA Aboriginal Advisory Committee presented to professional learning representatives on a number of issues, including: