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Nuance by Michael Fullan

How do leaders become clearer as complexity increases? We live in a world where decisions require judgment, getting people on board, drawing on local knowledge, ingenuity, and commitment. As leaders, how do you get beneath surface-level change to tackle complex challenges with depth and clarity: Nuance is the answer.

Author, speaker and educational consultant Michael Fullan returns with an eminently readable, compelling and practical guide on the three habits of nuance: joint determination, adaptability, and culture-based accountability.

Learn how you can:

Combine the power of networks and humanity to get to desired destinations
Embrace complexity and understand context to develop better judgment
Change the culture of your organization to harness the forces of nuance
Develop quality change that sticks

Pick up your own copy of Nuance, available from the BCPVPA office and at upcoming BCPVPA events, or contact Jennifer.


The BCPVPA Leadership Planning Guide (formerly the Start Smart Planning Guide) has been updated and reissued to reflect current practices and responsibilities

BCPVPA Leadership Planning Guide

The perfect resource for aspiring, new and seasoned principals and vice-principals, the guide covers areas of responsibility including Student Information, Students & Culture, Indigenous Education, Parents & the Public, Legal and Professional Growth & Development Resources.

Pick up your own spiral-bound copy of the Leadership Planning Guide, ready for your notes and annotations: it’s available from the BCPVPA office and at upcoming BCPVPA events, or contact Jennifer.


The BCPVPA Leadership Planning Guide is also now available for your online reference.


First published in 2007, The BCPVPA Leadership Standards for Principals and Vice-Principals in BC has become the document for professional growth in British Columbia and is a useful tool for personal growth plans as principals and vice-principals assess their current strengths and areas for development.

We anticipate that the revised 2019 BCPVPA Leadership Standards will be published and available in July 2019.

The BCPVPA Leadership Standards for Principals and Vice-Principals in BC (revised 2016)  is available for download and use. The Standards have four core domains — “Moral Stewardship,” “Instructional Leadership,” “Relational Leadership,” and “Organizational Leadership” —  with individual standards. The document is not intended to be prescriptive in nature, but rather to be used to support the individual principal or vice-principal in reflecting on his or her learning needs.

The purpose of the document is to foster continuous professional learning in working towards effective leadership; therefore, it is not intended as an instrument for evaluation or the judgment of the individual performance of principals and vice-principals by districts.

Please note that the BCPVPA Leadership Standards is being revised for 2019. We anticipate that the final document will be published and uploaded to BetterEducate in July 2019.

If you are considering updating or establishing your growth plan based on the Standards for 2019-2020, we suggest that you wait for the new document as you will find there are considerable changes in both the Action Statements and Reflective Questions.  We will post more information and the online copy of the Leadership Standards on this site once it is published.

Download the 2016 Leadership Standards for online reference


Edited by Jo-ann Archibald (Q’um Q’um Xiiem) and Jan Hare, published by Office of Indigenous Education/Indigenous Education Institute of Canada,
Faculty of Education, UBC and the British Columbia Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association

Learning, Knowing, Sharing: Celebrating Successes in K-12 Aboriginal Education in British Columbia

The topics include Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements, curriculum change, curriculum/program development, policy, research, Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous language revitalization, Aboriginal family and community engagement and partnerships, innovative technology, and much more.

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Linda Kaser’s and Judy Halbert’s

The Spiral Playbook
$10 (min. 10 copies)

The Spiral Playbook: Leading with an inquiring mindset in school systems and schools describes a sustainable approach to professional inquiry that aims to transform how educators learn and lead – with teams and across networks.

In a vibrantly illustrated 54-page book, the Playbook “offers a concise introduction to an evidence-based model of collaboratively inquiry.”

Order The Spiral Playbook


Wade Repta’s

The Well Teacher


THE WELL TEACHER: Everything Teachers Need to Know to be Well and Stay Well in the Classroom empowers teachers to make themselves a priority, to take greater control of their own wellness, and ultimately, to thrive in the classroom.

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8th Printing – SOLD OUT

Spirals of Inquiry


Spirals of Inquiry • Eighth Printing is NOW SOLD OUT • 
Check back for information on the publication of the next printing

Spirals of Inquiry, by Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser, is a handbook organized to provide you with specific inquiry tools, research evidence and examples from practice in BC schools. You will read arguments for the importance of considering and combining wise, strong and new approaches to inquiry and learning. You will be introduced to a set of questions that can shift thinking and practice. You will explore the key stages in the spiral of inquiry and you will consider ways to incorporate current knowledge into your designs for professional learning. We hope you will feel better equipped to create the kinds of inquiry learning communities required to get the outcomes for young people that we both want and need.

Proceeds from the sale of the book have been donated to the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network Provincial Fund, with those funds to be distributed to support inquiry-based learning initiatives. In all, more than $60,000 has  been donated.