ReCharge is a weekly health series for our members, partners, and friends. The aim of ReCharge is to get to know yourself, renew your energy, enhance your fortitude, and build up your coping competency in order to navigate the complex systems you lead. Each month, ReCharge will focus on a specific coping skill or on a component of self-awareness.



January 2021
Week 1: Round and Round
Week 2: It Matters What You Think
Week 3: The Dangers of Getting Stuck in Rumination

2020 Issues


October Issue
Week 1: The Where: Lead-o-meter
Week 2: The What: Self-Assessment Exercise
Week 3: The Why: Research, Science and Information
Week 4: The How: Building Up Your Skill

November Issue
Week 1:
Know Your Triggers
Week 2: What Stresses You Out?
Week 3: Why Should We Examine Our Stressors?
Week 4:
How Can We Thrive?

December Issue
Week 1: Find Your Glimmers
Week 2: Map Your Nervous System
Week 3: Tapping into Your Nervous System for Joy



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